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Gotcha. That all makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for taking the time to reply! 

Read through my copy last night and there's some great stuff in there. I have a couple of questions, if that's OK? 

- am I right in understanding that there's no mechanic for the Blades taking quantitative harm, and that aside from unchecking the Imminent Threat clock it's all just handled narratively? I'm assuming this is to focus Delimiting (which I love!). 

- there aren't any MC Moves, aside from the Custodian ones. I see the note about acting like an MC would in any other PBTA game, so it just a case of using those kind of standard Moves?  

- When a move calls the the MC to "shift your Levels", is that a case of the MC adjusting them in a way that makes sense in the context? And can include shifting all three?

Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying this game out.