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Hi I'm the host for a recurring game jam called The Fire Jam.
It has come to my attention that some participants submit a game to multiple jams without even looking at the said jams themes/limitations.
How do you feel about this ? Do you as game jam hosts allow that kind of stuff ?
Because I feel like it defeats the purpose of a jam,  the Fire Jam is fairly new so I'm not sure how to react to this.
I have disqualified  a game that was posted to the Fire Jam #3 and to 5 other jams (including your jam) that happened to be hosted in the same time.

Hello mate, you have been disqualified from the Fire Jam #3
The point of a game jam is to make a game following the theme(s) imposed by the jam and during the predefined period of time.
It is unfair to other participants that you submit in 5 different jams without even looking at the themes. It defeats the the purpose of a game jam.

Your objects are kinda buggy and I cant seem to control the direction of the attacks
Needs a bit more work, but you can make something nice !

Really cool idea! Pretty intuitive! and its Pretty !

Hi I absolutely love this background! I will credit you in my game when I publish it!
here check out how i set it up

Is commercial use ok?