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A member registered Feb 04, 2017

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So I'm working on a transporting tycoon game  and  I just can't get past the city generating problem.

I store the world tiles in a 2D array and create an object called town.

In the town Script attached I have a function that should put down a road and then create more roads and residential. but i cant figure out a good way to do this. 

does anyone have some tips or suggestions?


- For later on some high tech machines or equipables.

- Have the item flow change direction from time to time so it's a bit more difficult to get resources.

- Keep the background sounds and music calm when the shark isn't attacking and when it does use sound/music to create a bit of a panicking situation and to let the player(s) now the raft is getting attacked.

- Don't let the player be able to pick up items when the inventory is full so the player doesn't loose items and the object count stays low so it won't get laggy or anything from items.

- Maybe have the table be able to 'store' food and drinks on top of it so you don't have to carry it in your inventory.

- Sitting and eating/drinking could give a heal boost when damaged.

- The building selection wheel, maybe it could be handy to use scroll wheel to go through the items instead of using the mouse position, I've had that a lot of times I selected the wrong thing.

- Maybe give the player a 'survival hand book', with tips/objectives that give the general idea of the game.

This is about what i could think of.