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I like it!

I've been keeping an eye on  PV8. I'm excited to see what games people make with this thing and see what I can do  once the free version comes out

I'm also on a mac and the mouse camera controls don't work

So I've been diving into Superpowers recently and this is bugging me - Moving/zooming in the view window is a pain. I hover over where I want to zoom in and move the scroll wheel a little bit, and suddenly I'm zoomed in way too much. It takes a few seconds to carefully zoom the way I want it to, and then I lift my finger from my mouse and that screws it up. Is there any other way to move around in the view window? Is there a way to fix the scrolling sensitivity? I'm using Superpowers on OSX with an apple magic mouse (you know, the ones with no physical scrolling wheel) if that makes a difference.


I like it. Could be better if you had the enemies chase you, turned down the volume of the sound effect and maybe added some music.