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I don't think its a glitch, it's a tip in the description.

thank you

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Thanks, I wanted to make it to where you had a reason to actually go find the enemies, instead of just sitting still

I'm sorry it was too difficult, I will keep that in mind when making other games

Yes, I'm not sure why that happene

I can't seem to find the theme of this jam, or any of it's limitations. Does anybody know where I can find these details?

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I'm just wondering are their any limitations or challenges for this project? Also, do we have to make the game in Unity?

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No problem. I really loved it. Although I would suggest making the player move a bit slower so it's easier to control. (Unless that was your intention)

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure to pace my next games better.

Oh, that makes sense

That would be nice. I will check it out

This is a really well crafted game with beautiful game art and nice music. I would only suggest making enemy bullets bigger so that the player can see them and making enemies shoot a little less repetitively. Although I enjoyed my experience and loved the simple controls.

The play button doesn't work. Try to check and make sure that your title isn't overlapping the button

No problem.

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Very calm and relaxing music. I would only recommend adding two flowers of the same color on each level because when you touch a black flower, you can't get the other color again. I also really loved the game art and animations. Very good work on your first game!

Ok, thank you. I will probably update it later

No problem.

Very simple but fun and challenging. I also like the background 3D picture. I would only recommend making it slowly speed up. Although, I did love the game concept and the music.

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Nice game art and music. I would only recommend making the controls a little bit easier to learn. I had a good time and managed to protect Earth! (for the first wave xD)

Hopefully you will get to add that feature in a later update!

Did you make the game art yourself or get an artist?

Haha, good point!

I really, really enjoyed this game. The controls make the gameplay easy to learn. And the concept is very simple but challenging and fun as well. Very nice story and game art. Music is great as well. This was a well thought and well polished game. Great Job making such a good game in 72 hours!

I love the soundtrack and the game art. The game controls are also very easy to learn and master. Nice work making this in 72 hours!

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Very cool game, I like the trail effects for the bullets and the game art. I would only suggest adding a scroll bar to the how to play tab because the words fell of the page. Also, try to make an easier transition between colors. It's hard to keep your hands on the mouse, WASD, and 123. Nice music track as well! By the way, it was smart to use other assets so you would have more time on the game development.

This is a very interesting (and colorful) concept. Very nice use of the limitation. I would only suggest adding and easier level to start with to help players understand the game a little better and the different tiles. Awesome game art!

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This story is very sad and the music is very emotional. Great Work mixing stories and games! It must have taken a little while to make this.

Awesome game. Very nice design and game art. I would recommend adding some sound effects and music though. I like the color option and single player option. I had a very colorful experience! ;)

No problem, I'll be sure to check out your YouTube channel. Can't wait for the update!

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This is a really nice game. I would recommend changing the soundtrack, but it's really cool how you thought about the 2-frame limit and made a whole game on that. Instead of thinking of it as a limitation, you used it as an idea. Nice work!

Wow, you could probably make a really nice looking game in only a week!

Yeah, like a healthbar

I really enjoyed playing this game, all I would suggest is a different sound track, but I kept playing this for a while. It was really fun to keep taking other colors' bases. Congrats on making this really nice game in 72 hours!

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That's the type of game that keeps people playing it and loving it. Good Job!

No problem, the soundtrack wasn't bad... It was actually stuck in my head for quite a while. I can't wait for the updated version of the game!

No problem, the only thing I would recommend are sound effects and music. (And a tutorial no how you made such a nice game in 72 hours!)

Very nice platformer game. I would only recommend adding music and sound effects. But I loved the game idea. (This reminds me of red ball)

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I really liked the story at the beginning. I also loved the music(even if it is a bit repetitive.) I only suggest that you add a few sound. I really enjoyed my experience. AND I'm the king of colors!

I really like how the soundtrack changes throughout scenes. I can tell this was probably fun to make and it took a while. Good Job!

This is a really great game, it's a bit hard to see around you but the concept was really great. Right now I'm wondering  "How did the make this in 72 hours?!"