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You're welcome man, my game's combat is a sort of lighter take on that action game genre but in 2D, there was a couple things I noticed that I learned when making my game. I'm really looking forward to trying the punishing difficulty when it comes out then.

So I spent the time to take a look through the demo because it was one of the most interesting games shown at GDEX and it was really promising. I was expecting more of a Zelda kind of game but the actual demo makes it seem more like a Devil May Cry kind of game. I think I'm just gonna ramble on some criticisms and suggestions I have on the game's  combat, because that's 90% of what the demo focused on:

The combat is pretty solid overall but I feel that having 3 attack buttons is kinda redundant. I never really felt like needing to do more than just spam the light attack button, the heavy attacks seem too slow and not powerful enough to consider using instead of the light attacks, and the slide attack could be accomplished just by having a running start anyway. I think I'd rather just have a single attack button where you have a combo with 3 light attacks and a heavy attack at the end. I like the charged spinning attacks but I think I'd rather just spin the analog stick and press the attack button like in Zelda, and possibly have other moves where you use inputs with the stick/WASD. The special attacks are very clear in their purpose and I can understand you're just simply in the process of continuing to polish the game. I really love that super spin attack. It seemed like you can juggle enemies but it seems really under baked, not sure if you're going to polish that further or it'll just be a special kind of stun for enemies.

The armor pickups and secrets immediately made me think of Doom, which is handled really well but it makes me wonder if the final game is going to be structured with scripted levels or if it's going to be more of an open world experience like a lot of the pathways you can't go down would suggest. I enjoy both types of games, and I'm definitely going to watch this until it's completed.

This is really epic

Really like the sprite art in this


I'm really happy you like it man! You should head over to my page and download the one that's just titled Insect Adventure, as it's a much more recent build. Lizardman is definitely more manageable in that one, along with a lot of quality of life updates.

Honestly I think I just need more practice

Best Wario Land game I ever played. Movement tech may be a bit too galaxy brained for me, I kept fat fingering down and up on the D-pad at moments when I had to dash and jump at precise moments. I don't think it's a big deal, if I were to practice the levels it might feel better over time, but I also mention it as it would never hurt to have alternate control schemes. I'm watching a gameplay video on the side of typing this and notice so many neat movement tricks. Even the taunt is useful in a way I didn't expect. As a person who works at a pizza kitchen with a blue uniform I highly approve. Hope you can customize his costume/color in the final product.

I've been hearing a lot of complaints about the Enter key being used to Pause/Unpause. When I first got into gamedev it was the standard that nobody batted an eye so it always struck me as odd. What's a more acceptable Pause/Unpause key used these days?

Easiest way to do it is to make it white instead of black

Really liked this one, only complaint I have is the animations are way too choppy and fast in battle.

If you're just beginning in game design, than in terms of menus and controls, you're doing great. Most everything else could use some work, mostly coming from just learning from experience/not being so lazy. The sword is really hard to see, making it hard to judge the distance you can hit enemies from, I legit at first thought it was like 2 pixels long and was a meme game for it. You should get a better description for what the abilities are, I assumed the Super Jump was something where you had to crouch to use first or was another name for a double jump, had no idea what it meant because it was vague. Otherwise, keep working at it, you're doing fine.

If you are experiencing problems using the hammer, change the controls in the options menu so that Attack and Dash are bound to different keys.

That's really helpful thanks. Sometimes you just don't notice certain things when you're doing almost everything yourself. I added an additional sign in the tutorial area explaining how to pause and unpause the game as I've had people in the past complain about it as well. What I figured out with the keyboard controls was that in a very old build I had attack and dash bound to the same key and the game was designed around that, but now it's definitely not. I thought I fixed the default controls so that you used X to attack and C to dash but I guess not.

Thanks for the feedback man, I immediately went back and checked the game to see what the problem was for the controls. I used my controller and it felt fine, but when I used the keyboard, I immediately understood what you were talking about with the attack animations working wrong. That'll be a high priority for me to fix. You use Enter to Pause/Unpause btw. It's very much more a controller based game than a keyboard based game, but you're supposed to do everything the same on each.

I can get what you're saying with the graphics being insistent, the collision tiles would be easy as just changing room tiles to better represent a ruleset for the area. As for other stuff, a lot of things in the game got edited in iterations while others were ignored, but what would you suggest I put the highest priority in redrawing?

Really cool man. You got all the important stuff down, looking forward to seeing new updates

Really nice game, only thing I'd suggest is to streamline the controls a bit, or at least show the controls on-screen. My friend who was watching said it was very charming.

Really promising looking game, but I ran into a few issues, biggest one being that text wouldn't display on screen during cutscenes. At first I thought the controls weren't working for me for some reason because it only showed the protag's mugshot sprite and the buttons wouldn't do anything for me until I clicked a couple times and then I could move. The second cutscene made me realize what was going on.

Another thing I have to say is that while it might just be my machine, having the main character not being in the center of the screen in a game where you use the mouse to look around is really bothersome, uncomfortable but not in the right way like say a spooky game would be.

The last issue I ran into was getting caught into a corner and not being able to move out, but honestly it was the thing that bothered me least. If you get either of the first issues fixed I'll try it out again, keep working at it. Love the spritework and atmosphere.

I think this game should have a more clear indication of how you're supposed to move (on-screen controls, if nothing else), and the arms' punching ability to be stronger.  An on-screen meter to show how much you've charged would be helpful too

It made me lol

That really means a lot to me, thank you. Stay tuned to another update this weekend!

I think it'd be interesting to see them both being able to fight both bosses, but having different workarounds for the same situations.

Really good graphics. Kinda wish there was a room with a punching bag though before the boss so I knew what I was doing before a real fight happened.

I keep pushing X but my penis doesn't get any more muscles

Why can't I fight the Golem boss as Red?

This game needs a whole lot more streamlining with the movement. Analog stick deadzone is way too sensitive, making me run even if I rest my thumb. Hyperactive mode should be way more hyper, even if it involves draining stamina faster. Making you stop and take a break when you deactivate it is a complete waste of time and your speed increase is so small that you'd likely waste more time with the break than just running across a space normally. In short, there should be a more noticeable difference when you activate hyper active mode. Locking the wall jump to hyperactive mode just doesn't seem right, as does losing control of your left and right movement. If you want people to use hyper active mode smartly to speed through levels, it should improve your movement and abilities at all times, with the only cost being the stamina meter. It's a good foundation, but the movement in this movement focused platformer is just plain bad.

Ahh. I've heard it being called QOL (Quality of life) a lot more than UX. Most other developers starting out don't seem to bother, but even little things like a string that prints out "Press X to Start" on the title can greatly enhance the experience for the player.  Mouse controls was actually something requested from a comment on a previous version of the project, and while I thought it was absurd for someone to ask for that for what is essentially a beefed up SNES title at heart, it ended up being incredibly useful in the long run, and there's been a lot of things like that from people testing my game in the past.

As for the running tutorial, I don't think it's that big of a deal, though it seems people are becoming less and less willing to just push all the buttons to see what they do at the beginning. Still, it's in the second room in the game out of one that has over 100 and the finished product will probably be 400-500+, so I don't think it'll hamper the experience of most players in the long run.

What is UX?

Well, this game's pretty fuckin kawaii <3

I'd say having a skippable demo that appears before you start the game would be ideal, there's a lot of arcade games that do it that way, because otherwise figuring out how to use the balls as projectiles is pretty unintuitive.

I'd also suggest completely getting rid of the stamina system, because it forces you to look at a bar away from the action in the screen. I think you could get away with the melee attack not even doing damage to enemies at all, or something ridiculously low like 20 shots to get one enemy (might be good for score farmers).

This game has a lot of potential, you should try experimenting with different types of weapons as powerups.

>Other times you are pulling it in and she just stops and her arousal meter start going down for no reason.

Maybe she's autistic

I should have fixed it now. All I really did was add an options save file in the save file directory so the game knew where to read and write from. If you redownload the game it should be fine.

I have implemented multiple language support for the game, actually. I don't know any other language though lol, I might ask for people to voluntarily translate it in the future. Also, I think I fixed the other issues you had.

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Really good premise, looking forward to seeing it improve over time. Also I suck a lot more at this kind of thing than I thought lol

Actually now that I think of it, it might not be a bad idea to have difficulty options.

Great graphics, great gameplay as always. Love the pause menu's look. Hopefully by next time we can see some of the old bosses you had in the newer engine.

Really like this game! Graphics are great and the entire game has this Sega Genesis kind of feel. Really like the unique mechanics brought on by the method of attacking enemies. If I had one suggestion, it would be that there should be a multiplier for every enemy you hit when you launch yourself at them, like you get 2x points for hitting the second enemy, 3x for hitting the third and so on.

A vastly improved product compared to last time. I don't think the special spear attack should have collision for the player character though. I went from not giving a shit last time to totally wanting to follow this from this demo.

wtf now it's suddenly Sonic

It's pretty alright, looks like you can do some advanced stuff judging from the gifs on the right. I'd say the level and enemy design could use a bit more polish but it was a pretty solid experience.