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Unnamed pixel platformer-chan looks lewd in the first picture

Gameplay's pretty good, it plays like the good FPS games. Those box enemies are creepy as fuck, I hope you implement more enemies and features.

Really fun, reminds me of old flash games. Nice use of fonts :^)

Really like the graphics, but there's a ledge near the beginning that seems to be unreachable. Is there a way to jump over it or was that the end of the demo?

Love this game, you could probably sell it now at its current state. The only thing that bothers me is that the ship doesn't fire in true 360 degrees.

Oh man this game is incredible. My only suggestion would be to include a low settings mode for the backgrounds so people with toasters like me can enjoy the game without slowdown.

I seem to have a problem downloading this game :(

Looks really cool though.

Like last time I love the concept, and from what I played it looks like you did a better job with bosses giving you more time to react. My only complaint is that for some reason you can't accecpt changing your controls in the option menu, meaning that you're forced to use default.

The best part about the game was that it was over with so quickly. You are among the highest ecchi-lons of terrible games because the suffering was for an extremely brief period.

Really like this game! Hope to see more progress on it, would like to see a map option perhaps as a transparent overlay while exploring. Would also like the option to increase the battle speed. Other than that it's a solid title so far.

All those artfags out there getting btfo

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You win the reward for the most purple game of DDX.

It's pretty alright, please let there be an option to press Z to jump next update.

I guess I should mention, the music is placeholder and will be replaced... eventually, just incase somebody gets their panties in a bunch over copyright.



I always look forward to this game and how it evolves


Where's the game download?


Cute game, reminds me of playing those old flash games on sites like Newgrounds.