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A vastly improved product compared to last time. I don't think the special spear attack should have collision for the player character though. I went from not giving a shit last time to totally wanting to follow this from this demo.

wtf now it's suddenly Sonic

It's pretty alright, looks like you can do some advanced stuff judging from the gifs on the right. I'd say the level and enemy design could use a bit more polish but it was a pretty solid experience.

I love this game

This is a pretty solid game, couldn't get passed one part where you're expected to let a fireball hit a switch but the level design is pretty top notch. Looking forward to seeing updates to this in the future.

This is really good, looking forward to playing more advanced versions in the future.

The only suggestion I really have is to give the enemies that do a million points of damage a better telegraph before they attack, even if they're supposed to be hard and screw you over on purpose, and some of the jumps are a bit too precise, requiring you to get the absolute top pixel apex of your jump to be able to reach.

I'm feeling better now and I can tell you what the problem is with the empty cell room. It's because the hallway at the end of the purple area leads to the second boss's room, which was the intended 'end' of the demo. He's horribly unfinished (literally just a head rn) so I just outright removed the room for the demo. When you touch a room load trigger that loads a room file that doesn't exist, the game defaults to reloading the same room you're in but Bugsy's X and Y coordinates are 0. There's water under every room in the game (defaults to a screen below the room's lowest point, it just raises or lowers depending on the room file's internal values) so the game's running as intended in that sense. There are other rooms this way too, or some that don't have collision yet and just a basic outline, or some rooms that don't have all the exits with room load triggers, which allow you to do things like go over the top of a room and stand inside walls. It's more my fault for not sealing those unfinished exits and telling the player they're done with the demo.

Aside from that the glitches look like relatively simple problems to fix, other than the balloon jellyfish falling (although somehow whenever a tester finds a glitch it ends up taking like 8 hours to fix apiece). The springs suck though, I'm gonna replace them with plants that you jump inside and spit you out, launching you until you hit the ceiling.

I have lots more plans for the higher difficulties. Right now normal enemy placements are set for Normal Mode. I'm not a fan of simply increasing damage and health for enemies. I wanted them to be simple and predictable, but easy to set in any situation, like the monsters in Doom, so I can spam huge numbers of them and still be fair in higher difficulties, like Doom.  But on top of that I'm also going to include late game enemies early game and probabaly make harder varients of enemies appear on harder difficulties as well.

My progress is pretty slow because it's a project I manage on my free time when I feel motivated to work on it. I can go a month without touching Fusion, then suddenly work 12-15 hours a day on it over a weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for DD17.

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That is an incredibly detailed post. Thank you for giving me all this feedback, however don't expect it to be taken care of soon. I have fallen into depression and it's hard for me to motivate myself enough to do anything these days. Still, I commend you in putting so much effort into this post. I will use this as the basis for what I'll fix the next time I find the motivation to continue this project.

Edit: The room before the Mantis fight was supposed to be a one-way path, intending you to git gud before you can go on. The room where you fall through the bottom, I have no idea how that happened to you unless you used the map editor in the previous room and changed the spawn point from one of the exits or something, or I just typed in the wrong number.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Right now I'm priortizing making menus easier to understand, but after that the ground movement should be an easy tweak or two. You can go into the options menu to make is so rolling is done with 1 button, or by double-tapping left/right if that's what you prefer. I'm not intending the air attack to let you hover infinitely, but it is neat to see how much you've looked into the core mechanics of the game. Your jump attack changes when you're spinning and the ground attacks combo differently if you change the timing of the third attack. Also, there are a couple places you could sequence break and a few extra items you could find with wall jumping. Your enthuasism makes me want to go back to your game again.

If you fucked up the controls by rebinding them, the best way to do this is to delete the Options.arr file in the Saves folder and open the game. The controls will be reverted to default.  Rebinding controls was one of the least thought out priorities I had when designing the game, that'll be my next project. Using the mouse is a great idea.

Other than adding button prompts at the bottom of the screen whenever a text box appears I don't know how I could simplify using the menu more. That being said, when I open the pause menu right now I can see how people can get really confused.

When a bug appeared and kidnapped you, it was because you used an item that summons it. It's supposed to take you to the last place you saved as a shortcut but it sounds like it's still bugged. Thank you for your criticism.

(Edited 1 time)

I changed up the title screen a little, I think it should work now. The options.arr sets the 'Confirm' key to key 88, which on most PCs is the 'Z' key. It might be different on some other computers, especially if you aren't a native english speaker.

Can't wait to see him fully animated

This is a really rad Contra kind of game, super fun, no complaints here.

Well, it's a solid foundation for a mega man kind of game.

Ah okay, it'd help more if the title screen had more clearly defined directions.

I loled at 'meme' screenshake strength.

Goddamn, this reminds me of a few years ago when I was outright obsessed with shmups. This game kicks ass, looks and sounds amazing too, honestly would say it's one of the better looking and playing indie shmups I played, and I'm comparing it to stuff like Blue Wish Resurrection and RefleX. The only suggestion I'd have is to have a speed slower than the slowest you have right now, and to have 'speed up' and 'speed down' as two seperate buttons as an option.

I loved the song. But the controls were hell on my hands. Or should I say hand,  as you use ASD and Space. But the music was really good, and I liked the progression of the levels to the end.


It's pretty well made, kinda wish you could attack upward though, pretty much agree with what khryse has to say for the most part. I'd suggest making the attack prompt to be more obvious, I didn't notice it the first time through and figured it out on my own a couple screens after I was supposed to. Maybe I'm just dumb.

The boss has way too much HP, especially one that you can beat by camping in one spot for the first two phases. It took me a good dozen tries, but it got boring near the end once I figured out you can shoot the projectiles, and his slamming attack has a couple openings that are never touched. It's a good boss, just a bit lengthy for what it was.

Also, I really really wish there were joypad controls.

This game's kawaii as shit. I picked up the cake and rock and made a mad dash passed the first wolf. Then after I hid behind a tree I thought I was safe only to see her still chasing after me and I got eated up. This is the Dark Souls of stealth games.

Somehow it always struck me that the protagonist dude would look like Guts from Berserk. It's a really badass game, but when I purchase a new skill I don't notice anything different with my moveset. Is it still being developed or am I just stupid?

Holy fuck man this game's becoming so awesome. The only part about the boss I had trouble with was the little squares that come out of the ground, they could be telegraphed better, but other than that this game gets better and better every time I see it.

Unnamed pixel platformer-chan looks lewd in the first picture

Gameplay's pretty good, it plays like the good FPS games. Those box enemies are creepy as fuck, I hope you implement more enemies and features.

Really fun, reminds me of old flash games. Nice use of fonts :^)

Really like the graphics, but there's a ledge near the beginning that seems to be unreachable. Is there a way to jump over it or was that the end of the demo?

Love this game, you could probably sell it now at its current state. The only thing that bothers me is that the ship doesn't fire in true 360 degrees.

Oh man this game is incredible. My only suggestion would be to include a low settings mode for the backgrounds so people with toasters like me can enjoy the game without slowdown.

I seem to have a problem downloading this game :(

Looks really cool though.

Like last time I love the concept, and from what I played it looks like you did a better job with bosses giving you more time to react. My only complaint is that for some reason you can't accecpt changing your controls in the option menu, meaning that you're forced to use default.

The best part about the game was that it was over with so quickly. You are among the highest ecchi-lons of terrible games because the suffering was for an extremely brief period.

Really like this game! Hope to see more progress on it, would like to see a map option perhaps as a transparent overlay while exploring. Would also like the option to increase the battle speed. Other than that it's a solid title so far.

All those artfags out there getting btfo

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You win the reward for the most purple game of DDX.

It's pretty alright, please let there be an option to press Z to jump next update.

I guess I should mention, the music is placeholder and will be replaced... eventually, just incase somebody gets their panties in a bunch over copyright.



I always look forward to this game and how it evolves


Where's the game download?