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That's okay! Practice makes perfect, no need to be ashamed! A lot of the people here are beginners (me included)! I'm excited to see what you make! 

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Hii!! c: Aw it's okay, I wasn't planning on joining that jam! And yes I do!! My Discord is kelly betty#7936 !!

Thank you!! <33 I'm glad you like it!! I'm sorry for the lack of audio, I really ran out of time. I hope to improve the climbing after the jam too in a little update. c:  Thank you so much!!

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AAA THIS IS AWESOME!! Omg I love the lil choice menu!! <33 And the art/writing is so good, I love it!

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The cover art for this is GORGEOUS and the art in the game itself looks so cool too! I'm a sucker for sketchbook-scribbles style games!! <33 Sadly for me the art looked SUPER pixelated, even on full screen. But that's fine!

And the mechanics are SO FUN!!! I think these mechanics are the most fun ones I've seen in any of the games in this jam I've played so far, it had me hooked!! The one thing that made it less fun for me though was how a lot of the levels kinda required you to fail once to understand them. It seems like I had no way of knowing what a "switch" (the red/green thing) did without activating it by throwing my brother at it, and once I did activate it there didn't seem to be any way of undoing it without a reset. It's fine if that was the intention, of course! Having no way of knowing what they did felt rage-gamey, which might be the intention. If so, then nice! c:

Also, I think I found a glitch in the later levels? Whenever I threw my brother at an enemy and jumped at that enemy simultaneously it would reset the map. I think this may just be me dying a few frames before my brother kills the enemy, though? Which is fine!

THIS WAS SO FUN!! Definitely my fave game in this jam so far!!

This was super fun!! The character creation menu was such a pleasant surprise, I love it. :3 Storymode was also really fun!! The controls and the collisions felt kinda weird but that's fine, especially for the time constraint. You did great, keep it up!!

This was super fun!! The stuff with the lighting was so fun to watch, I love it. c: I had the same issue with the game running much slower after a while due to bullets not disappearing, but that's very understandable with the time constraint. This was very fun!

Thank you!! <33 I wish I had the time to add music + sfx, had a lot of stuff to rush at the last moment! I'm glad you like it, though!! c:

Thank you so much!! <3 I'm glad you think so! I wish I had the time to add SFX but I just didn't. :'> Thank you!

Thank you so much!! <33 I'm glad you think so!

This was short but really cute, I love it! Your characters are always really cute!

Omgg!! Sound and music?? :D THAT'S AWESOME!! I can't wait! 

Congrats!! This is so cool!! :D

I'm so glad you like it!! <33 c: Thanks a bunch!!

Thanks a bunch!! c: I'm glad you like it!! 

Thank you so much!! :D I'm so glad you like it!! The art was really fun to make!! 

I absolutely love the art, omg!! That was so fun! The story is so cute! I didn't expect that ending at all though, omg. :'D It made me giggle a bunch. I love it!! I was only able to catch 40 fireflies... I'm bad at these types of games... The countdown had me panicking in a good way, lol! It was great. c:

The music is so cute too, it fits the art and the whole vibe so nicely!! I love it!!

Thank you so much!! :D I'm so glad you like it!! I'm really flattered by all the compliments!! I'm glad the silence worked in my favor here! I still wanna maybeeee add some music after the jam is over but I'm not sure. :'> Thanks a lot!! I'm very glad you like it!! 

Gosh, this is AWESOME!! <33 I love it!! That art looks GORGEOUS, and the mechanic of guiding the ships by shining the light on them is awesome, this is such a clever take on the limitation!! I love it!! 

The music is wonderful too and adds so much to the whole feel of the game! This is so good, definitely one of my faves in this jam, this is awesome!! 

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Thank you so much!! c: I'm so glad you think so!! Drawing the maps and cutscenes was so fun with all the constraints of color and size. I had so much fun!

And yeah, poor Wren! :< If only... Maybe in a brighter timeline they were friends! In the timeline where the jam had a different limitation

Thanks a lot!! <3 I'm so glad you like it!!  

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Thank you so much!! <33 I'm so glad you think so!! c: I still wanna add music eventually, probably when the jam is over, just for fun! Though I think I might keep that ending part silent if the silence fits! Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it!! 

This was so fun!! I LOVE those bird character designs so much! <3 I adore Brawk, he's so cute!!!!!! Definitely my favorite! The shoulder parrot thing was hilarious, I love it. :'D

Having to use both mouse and keyboard for the dialogue at all times was a hassle, but that's okay. I got a little lost in the story a few times (and I wish there was a save point, Brawk punched me like three times and I restarted each time) but other than that I had a lot of fun!! 

I'm happy to see another story game in the jam, this was super fun!! I love it! 

Thank you so much!! ; 7; I'm so glad you think so!! I tried my best to make the art look clean! I'm so glad you like it!! 

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This is so cute!! The art is adorable and the mechanics are actually quite clever, I like it a lot!! You did great!! c:

Is Lusaka a caracal? The ears made me wonder! The art is really cute, I love it!  

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When you export the game, can you put everything in .ZIP file and upload that .ZIP file? Don't upload the files separately (e.g. the .exe and the "boot.config" as two different downloads), that makes things really hard for people who wanna get the game.

Also, the size of the downloads still seems very small when added up compared to the 17 MB apk. I downloaded everything and put it in the same folder yet it still tells me it's missing a .dll.

It's okay though, I understand putting everything together can be hard! But yeah, a .ZIP file looks like it'd be the way to go here! What engine did you use? Was it Unity? Maybe look up some tutorials on exporting your game with that engine? 

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I was a little confused at first but I guess I eventually figured out kinda how it's supposed to work? You can't really die in the game so there isn't much challenge, but I understand that this was put together quickly for the jam. I see what you wrote about teaming up with too many people and yeah, smaller teams are easier to manage usually! The game concept is cool though and it has potential, I'd love to see what y'all make next!! c: This is cool!  

Aaa thank you so much!! <3 I'm really glad you think so!! That makes me happy!! Thank you!!

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Thank you so much! <33 I'm really glad you like it!!  

... LMAOOOOOO. Thanks, I love that. :'D Lmao!! 

And thank you, I'm so glad you like it! <33 

I'm so glad you did, lmao!! :'D And you're welcome!! 

Thanks a lot!! :D I'm glad you think so!! 

This was really fun!! The boat's speed makes it hard to control and I love it, I think that's intended, right? It's a nice challenge! c: I absolutely love those water effects too!! Those reflections in the water look so nice, I love it!! The music is really good too, I really enjoyed it! Nice!! 

The game is really simple but I still really enjoyed it, I love the wave washing over the board when a new game starts, that's such a new detail!! Nice choice of music and sound effects too. c: This is nice!! 

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Really adorable game, and really fun!! <3 I love it! I wish the character moved a little faster, I wanted to explore the levels but the slow movement made the task look like it'd take so long, lol. This was so fun regardless though, the duck is so cute!! ; 7; I love it!! 

This is such a cute game!! The art is so cute and fits the whole vibe so much, and I adore the rock-paper-scissors mechanics, it surprisingly fits the limitation really nicelyl!! :D I was only able to play against the CPU but I still enjoyed it so much, it was such a nice experience!! 

This was really cool!! Nice choice of assets and music, and the whole game felt really smooth and polished! Definitely impressive that you put all this together in just 4-5 hours. So good, keep up the great work! 

GOSH, THIS IS AWESOME, I LOVE IT. This is amazing!! Absolutely one of my  favorite entries for this jam so far, seriously, this is outstanding, I love it!! <33 The visuals are amazing and the whole concept of the game is so fun, I got hooked into it for quite a while! This is so good!!

The sound design is also amazing, it adds so much! Sadly it was really hard for me to see things in the game, I struggle with picking out colors and shapes when it's all really dark like that. ><; I have a lot of trouble avoiding the mines, lol!! Still, this was so much fun! I love it!! <3 This is awesome and deserves SO MUCH more attention, seriously!! 

Thank you so much!! <33 ; 7; I'm really glad you think so!! 

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it!! <333 I'm glad you like my interpretation of the limitation! I tried so hard to make it make sense with the story. ;  7; Thank you for all the compliments, I'm so flattered!!

Very fun game, I love it! It took me a little while to understand it, but once I did, it was pretty easy to get through and became a very chill experience :D

Sadly sometimes the cans trap you on one side of the screen and the characters start either dropping apples only on the other side or dropping too many cans on your side making it a bit of a death pit. It's fine, though. I managed to wait out long enough to get two apples and just clean up everything. It was really satisfying!!

This was so fun, nice work!! I love the music choice too, fits the vibe so much!