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I don't like the fact that no communication is made since May 19. That's a lot of time. It pains me, because the game is amazing already

Yeah So I lost my queen to a pawn, everything is fine

me too

I love this comment 

no :(

Thanks VolcanoBytes,

I'm following your project very closely then.

Good job ! is there a way to export a Linux version ? I would be more than happy to pre-order it.

Have a good day !


Thanks Pennie ! 

Thanks ! 

PQ93 community · Created a new topic Configuration

Hi, and thanks for this software.

I would like to disable the booting sound, and the moving sprites in the text editor (gives me headaches..)

Is it possible to have a linux build ? Using wine emulation gives broken graphics..

Has anybody tried it on linux with the wine compatibility layer ?

Is there a way for the author to build a linux exe ?

Awesome game. Thank you for releasing the source.

Sky Rogue community · Created a new topic Linux Demo

Hi. I can't see a linux demo in the download


The msi works good on wine 4.7 !

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Okay, after fixing the libs problem (pointing to the right ones), the AppImage just crash with a segmentation fault. The last shared library it loads is "calling init: /lib64/" then seg fault/core dumped.

I think I can't do anything more without the code...

Hi ! I have the AppImage on Fedora 64bits. When I try to launch it says :

This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb"
in "".

Any help ?

ldd the file says : it's not a dynamic executable.


Yes I was always dreaming of making a doom like with my own settings, and then CTHON showed off ( I wouldn't make a better game,and I love it)

I've always dreamed of doing this game :'( Nice work bro !