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Maya Amano

A member registered Apr 22, 2017

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This is censorship. How dare you now allow our cute little mobile hole hounds to have cute little boxes. (I am joking.)

This game hurt to play. Not because it was bad, not because it controlled poorly, none of those things. The game was really fantastic, and has climbed up the list of one of my favorite games. It hurt for me to play because of everything Alex went through.

As someone who discovered herself through friends and fandom, a lot of stuff that Alex went through was really relatable to the point of making me feel.. uncomfortable? worried? I don't know how to properly describe it.

The scenes with the father was very anxiety inducing for me, as someone who has experienced (or is experiencing) something similar. I was actually more scared than most horror games thinking about when he will show up.

To avoid going more into spoiler stuff, the entire experience was hard to get through but very incredible. It has seriously become one of my favorite games, like I have mentioned before, and while I don't see myself replaying it, it's something I don't see myself forgetting.