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A really nice prototype. Did you all the assets by yourself? SFX &  VFX?
Good Level Design with smooth increase of challange.
By the way: What is the time record?  

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Ja, das Spiel macht Spaß, da es so explorativ ist und mit oldschool Artwork richtig überzeugt. 
Wie wäre es, wenn man die Schnecke auf die Kakerlake ansetzten könnte und die machen einen kleinen Boxfight?
Daumen Hoch! 

Nice, that sounds excellent. Thank you very much for your quick answer. I have started to publish my WordPress site ( for Indie Devs in Germany and would like to use 2-3 of your wonderful pixel-arts on the front page. Of course, I will also refer to you, and I can also link to this if you like ;)

Your work really inspired me the most in the asset packs, great work!
Greetings from Adalbert

I think that  an   "Unlimited Commercial Use License:  All assets purchased through are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations" means that it's only usable   for game dev engines, right?

I am new to  license  restrictions, so is it possible to use one on my  indie game dev wordpress blog when i bought it  through Humbles   GRAND GAME DEV TOOLBOX  ?

Shooting works well, sounds also fit, and it is challenging, but... 

I wonder how it corresponds to the Jam theme: Grand ?
Is it because  it runs in full screen on WebGL?

Great work, beautiful pixel graphics, and the theme is also spot on: because it's GRAND to defend the earth. 

Kept simple and motivates to reach new high scores. Indeed, it is not an easy game, even if your studio is called easy game :P

my high score is 14, and I reach it in about 20 seconds of playing.

nice ice style polish  , is that slowmotion intended after a hit or a preformance  issue :P

missing sound-FX

awakes real retro feeling 

great work

Cool storytelling ;)

creative approche 2 minimalism ;) like it

its a good direction, input is little bit  sloppy, but could be our bees behavior crossing winds ;) 
detailed drawings :)

hi silverrhills, shall we coop? I am a creativ mathematician doing c# since oct 2019 and starting get used 2 unity since beginning of this year. 

great & cute vfx & fin music :)

hi nice detailed resolution, little bit more animations.
one thing; 'D' doesnt work in my case, arrows are ok as input

thx, hsa a real cool retro style @TEAMONE :)

hi GansoGames, smart light and grav effects :)
go for it!

nice gameplay logic :)


Hello everybody,

Can i use free assets from the unity store?

For example i for a bubble generator asset

Thx for answering ;)

fresh ;)