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Hi there! with the itchio app, do you have to start a new game to play the new dlc? i've downloaded it and tried loading various saves but they are greyed out still. i've also updated the base games/other dlcs. thank you!

It looks great!

Strangely much cuter than anticipated, with a lot of potential for after-ending daydreams. As some of the others stated, though, the save/load system did give me issues, and I ended up just having to playthrough to get all three endings.

How have I not played this game before... I'm so obsessed right now?? Because god it's so rare to find a setting that is so genuinely enthralling from the get-go. The music and SFX, and the way you've crafted your lighting into the background art, makes this such an immersive experience. And your writing makes it even more so-- revealing bits of information at a time, playing into the mysterious atmosphere, never quite feeling steady on your feet but coming to trust your own decisions if only because you have to... I just seriously love your writing style, because it pairs with everything else (esp the art, I mean HELLO GORGEOUS!) to make this a very emotive story. 

It's also super rare for me to find a game where I feel a connection to all of the RO's; I play a lot of games, admittedly, so I tend to grow tired of the typical archetypes that some people I think use as a crutch to help them grow their characters. I love Reed, Jewel, and Laurent very wholly and very separately, and am super impressed at how multi-dimensional they are. (I'll be honest, I love them all, but the moment I woke up in Jewel's lap and she squeezed my hand I was sank. And she is the one I was initially most suspicious of! Ow, my heart-- I'll follow you anywhere, ma'am!)

Anyways, TLDR, love this game to bits, and am super excited to see where it goes! Hope you're taking care of yourself, and thanks so much for sharing this with us all! 馃挒

What the fuck is going on... no, seriously, what the fuck. Wait. What? Am I having a stroke? WHAT the FUCK is going on. Oh... shit. Okay. OKAY. WAIT WHAT TH

^ basically me playing this game lmao 馃槀 I am definitely enticed, and can't wait to play the full version. I am very curious as to where this is going, and my brain is already running amok on me with theories and conspiracies- so kudos for that!

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Oooh, this is SUCH a lovely game! When I saw this was made by the same people who did The Pretender's Guild, I wasn't surprised-- but honestly, I think I love this game even more 馃槶


All of the endings contributed to the narrative in a way that was very satisfying, even the bitter-sweet ones... and the straight up bitter ones. God, I REALLY do hate killing Caesar! I don't care what the fuck he's done, the man is getting hugs and I mean that! I mean that pool party selfie is literally top 5 cutest things ever, they make such a cute couple! Even in Alto's route (who, I mean, WHEW 馃槏), I still have a soft spot for that ridiculous man lmao.

But speaking of Alto, Y'ALL HIT ME RIGHT IN THE DEVOTION! OW! Find you a man who loves you even when you're a disembodied string of code attached to his wrist! Or a smooth, genital-less battering ram! Gosh I'm using so many exclamation points!

The art was fantastic, the music was a perfect addition, and all in all I love the way you allowed the choices to play out. It was a nice balance between story-telling and allowing us to come to our own conclusions, which I love in a VN.

Super looking forward to Lilith Hall now, keep it up y'all!

harbinger of good tides!!! thank u friend 馃槶

hi there! sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see this as I scrolled through--

will you include the option to turn off voices in the settings menu for the full game? the voices are lovely, i just find them distracting, and i still want to experience the music/sfx.

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I've said it once and I'll say it a hundred times: I am willing to wait as long as it takes for a game as great as this.

With all the amazing indie games that have been promoted through lately, this is a must play, not only for those who enjoy visual novels, but for anyone who loves mystery, romance, drama, and one of the most delightfully fleshed out MCs I've ever encountered. God. I just... love her so much. I can't even adequately explain my love for this game and the story it tells.

Ebon Light makes my top ten for games of all time, and I probably won't ever be over it. :')

Wow. I just saw the release, !!!'ed, came straight to the comments to geek, and I'm glad I did. I know myself pretty well, so I think I'll give this a pass for now. Thanks for the heads up y'all. 

our lord and savior, amen