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Diogo Costa

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The program creates the tiling as a Unity Mesh. So using shaders is an option.

This was the product of a bug, when I was playing around with the outlines and barycentric coordinates. There are some artifacts, but maybe I'll be able to clean it after I get more experience with shaders. This reminds me of stained glass. Might try to modify the rendering to have something like this. 

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If you have some idea related to this (that I could add, perhaps?), post it here. 

For example, also from Kaplan, a nice way of distributing points to generate a tiling is to copy a simple lattice (square grid, for example) and place it at different angles. See www.cgl.uwaterloo.ca/csk/papers/kaplan_isama1999.pdf

(This picture is identical to the one in the paper, but recreated by myself - it only replicates the grid twice. An hexagonal lattice probably works as well)

This creates a radially symmetrical tiling, with any degree you want. I had a working version of that, but there's been a lot of changes since I've then implemented the symmetry generator. May add it at some point. Jos Leys used the same technique here: http://www.josleys.com/show_gallery.php?galid=284

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Feel free to post something you create/find here. Would be nice to see people using this and get something I didn't!

Very cool!

Good work! :)

Similar to Michael Brough's stuff, though in a more "rigid", puzzle form.

Posted in Tree Gallery

Here it is. :) Me trying to figure out what works.

Replied to Tortue in Feedback

Haha, I didn't remember the name as well, only mechanism.

But yeah, that is exactly as I meant it. Looking forward to it!

Aah, I see, my bad.

No game screen shows for me here in itch.io, so I assumed it was downloadable. I can play it on Kongregate, though.

Replied to Diogo Costa in Feedback

I like the water depth mechanic! Creating the different root shapes depending on where the water is.

Maybe you could add some form of phototropism? To do something similar with the branches.

Hello, there. 

I don't think your downloads are working. It simply says "Nothing is available for download yet.".

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This is beautiful. :)

I'll give it a more serious shot later, but the Tree Gallery tree looks awesome, great work!

No worries. :)

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The mobile game is called Infinity Loop.

I guess my monitor is getting obsolete haha. But yes, it work fine now, great!

It would probably be nice to have a couple of hotkeys available just in case, but not very important in a prototype. It seems pretty cool, I like how the weapons affect movement quite a lot, although it would be cool for the movement itself to have more options (strafing, maybe a quick break, etc.)

No problem, and keep up the good work! I'll try Hellstar tomorrow, seems interesting.

Aah, I'm pretty sure that's it, then. Even on the main menu, the boxes were very close to the edges of the screen. I'm playing on 1360x768 and there is no "EQUIP" button.

http://imgur.com/f1ljS2b Here's how it looks.


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I've downloaded it yesterday, so I believe it's the latest version. And yes, it happened every time I tried (all game modes) and for the 2 different weapons I got to pick up.

No worries, looking forward to try it, if you fix it!

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I really like the artstyle! Unfortunately, the game becomes unresponsive when I pick the first weapon up. Or maybe I'm missing something? A textbox pops up with info about the weapon (and the cursor still moves and reacts to mouse-clicks), but nothing happens afterwards...