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defended my own star sign, immediately got cancelled and literally died. nice. i am living for this game's aesthetic tho omg here you go!!

yes there is!! the discord is actually the discord for yurijam its self. its the same one every year.

A very charming puzzle game! it took me a while to figure out that you need to click on someone with an object to talk about it, and as mentioned by others the item combining system would be better as drag and drop.

the font you're using doesn't have certain characters, which shows up in the names of the painters, once dave has left, you can still click on his chair and he talks to you, the guy at the flower shop still recognizes you if you're in disguise. the puzzles were mostly pretty good, and i loved the story. :)

yeah smut n stuff is totally fine, the limit is pretty much just like the limit of what you can put on lol

Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! just played through one route and honestly i'm so fuckin excited!!!!  i think i've got a pretty good idea about the plot for the rest of the game but i wont spoil it incase i'm right uwu. psych horror, cute anime girls, and an accurate depiction of DID? its better than danganronpa!! that bit with haruka at the end just made me screech because i'm so excited for this game oh my god its just aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

it's tagged as horror on all platforms, unless you're worried your game was, in fact, corrupted. it wasnt, don't worry. otherwise, the point is you miss the horror tag, and go in assuming it's a regular visual novel uwu/

this... is good. i like it. very stackable on top of other browser games.

love it!!! if you work on it it could be a really great game :) witch pastille is a little hard to figure out but i guess that's the same as in the game, haha
i think you should add frosting, and the characters in their summer outfits!

boyfriendsboyfriendsboyfriendsboyfrien- what was i doing? oh right

this game is lovely!!! the concepts are amazing and gosh i love these boys! the tea making is charming, it reminds me of the tea making in that one professor layton game, if you ever made this into a longer game i'd def play it!! a very cute game as it is too :)