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Matz Alkema

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my paypal is blocked for some reason so i can’t buy it :(

this looks great

I completed the levels 1-3 now really fun game!

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Cool game! But i found a bug, when you jump on a van in the map: new factory you bounce out of the map and can't get back in, so you might wanna add a invisible collider there

So at the first level the moving spikes and the incredibly fast moving platform are to hard, im playing for 5 minuts now and i only passed these spikes once and did not passed these moving platforms

it says ‘Due to processing fees the minimum amount is 100 cents.’

really good game, i like how the the text and everything fits so good together in the glow theme

most of the times I get around 5 as well but I was just lucky 1 time to get 17


I love the theme


the sale doesn’t work as you need to pay atleast $1.00 because of transaction fees

Im rating it now

tysm! i like your work to!

click click click


The itch page is really good

Thank you

This is made with some unity asset pack and you didn't put a link in the description

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[FIXED] I see that there is a bug with the Windows Files, i am now fixing it 

I appreciate any feeback :)

this is a copied tutorial you didn't changed ANYTHING