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There was an error generating the download URL, please try again

I have some problem downloading it. I t says error download link

hey I mailed you on twitter, but got no reply.

no yet :( but I am working on it ! it still sh if you hold it.

That's a bummer! Thanks for letting me know! What system have you used to play ? 

Hey! I really should have answered earlier :( My bad. We are small team just 2 people and we are just starting (and GROWING!) so far we only have experience and courage. If you share same values and goals I would be happy to continue this conversation ! 

Have you being playing on Mac?

IOs and Android Coming soon

Yeah, but this project is more of a prototype and school project rather then a product. In addition I cited the website I took the music from. Thought I do understand situation and working on it. Thnx for some feedback. ;)

Haha that was fun but if you are seeking for real challenge and for 100% completetion try to earn "carless'' stamp on every level ;)