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Haha, at least I can move on to 5-2 with peace of mind. Thanks very much for your reply!

Really enjoying the game, I loved playing the original as a kid, along with your Flash games.

5/1 is piquing my curiosity big time though, there are a lot of elements that don't seem to come into play, and there don't seem to be any secrets. There's no reason to destroy the 2 mines at the start for example, so you don't need to touch the down block or the wooden block. There are grills near the start that don't pose any hazard, along with what seems like a superfluous one-way door. I felt that the level was nudging me towards bringing the metal block through the one-way door maze (the two left-most rollers turn that into a clever little puzzle, but don't pose much hazard otherwise), but it doesn't seem to be possible to get the block through the maze.

Am I overthinking this or have I not discovered a secret yet? Put me out of my misery please! :)