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Dang, a few people have had this problem with the exe not launching. I haven’t used Avast, but maybe adding game’s exe file to Avast’s exemption list would help? Otherwise I’m not sure.

Hope you’re able to get it working

Shoot! Thanks for reporting that bug! For now, if you open the save file (it’s just a text file in the folder where the executable is located) and mess with your world location variable then relaunch the game, it may move you somewhere where you aren’t stuck. I’d recommend changing the X coordinate by +\- 1.

Thanks so much Ben! I'd like to expand on the concept! Maybe add a few more puzzle elements and more detailed visuals.

I really appreciate that, thank you! I'm happy with how it turned out and I'm hoping to expand on it at some point!

Haha thanks so much!

You’re right, the portals in the last level would not all return you to the portal you came from. I wasn’t sure if that was fair or not, but I thought I’d try it out. The concept probably  could have used an introduction level haha. Anyway, thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Yeah delete key restarts the level. It really could have used an Undo button too but i was running out of steam by the time I realized that haha. Thanks for playing!

Haha that’s awesome to hear, that’s probably my favorite level too! Thank you!

Awesome, glad you liked it!

Thanks for the great review! You’re totally right, I tried to introduce mechanics gradually so I didn’t need to write two paragraphs of instructions on the opening screen lol. Thanks for playing!

Haha awesome, thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! Yeah there’s definitely a difficulty spike halfway through, it could have used more hints or intermediate levels haha

Thanks Dev, much appreciated!

I appreciate that, thank you! And yeah that’s probably my favorite level too

Thanks so much! I realized recently how much the right sounds can add to the impact of a simple game like this. Glad you enjoyed it!

Really funny idea, and it makes for interesting gameplay. Nice job!

Great art and game feel!

Super clever and elegant idea! Fits the theme really well too.

Cool  game! Reminds me of Zelda.

Really fun and awesome artwork. I like how the mechanic that fits the theme is interesting but not so exaggerated that it distracts from gameplay. Nice job!

Awesome idea and presentation!

Really fun concept with great artwork! The sound that plays a split second before firing helps alot with timing too. One of my favorites of the jam so far.

This fits the theme really well!

I used a similar idea for my game but I like how you can swap different keys for different directions. Very clever! Nice aesthetic too!

Really fun game! Nice physics and screen shake. Opening scene cracked me up too. Nice job!

Really fun main mechanic! Only thing I would change is put the "next move" icon closer to the character so it's easier to see.

Awesome art and gameplay! The random aiming can be a little frustrating. Maybe giving the user some partial control over the aim would help.