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Actually, you can define the preprocessor symbol DISABLE_SCREEN_FRAME, and it will get rid of the frame and use a black background.

You can use it by either defining the symbol from command line: tcc\tcc source\raycast.c source\dos.c -DDISABLE_SCREEN_FRAME or by adding it to the top of dos.c like this

Hopefully I’ll get around to writing documentation at some point- these things are almost impossible to find out right now.

No plans for that no. And it's not even close to being a game yet, it is just a very unfinished gamejam entry, I doubt I'll get back to it.

wow, that looks great! Getting some major DOS platformer vibes from this 🙂

I did the modification very quickly, so it is quite a messy integration. To bring this into the official version would take a lot more effort, including porting the CRT code from opengl to D3D. I think it would be awesome if someone did that, but that someone will not be me, I don’t have the time for it unfortunately 

no, I wouldn’t be using SDL, I have other ways to do those things, that are a better fit for the code. But I have no plans to do it in the near future, I don’t have the time for it unfortunately

Documentation is something I would like to do, but it will have to wait a while, as I don’t have the time to spare for it for now. 

No, no plans

Sorry, no, only 64-bit available at the moment

I’ve been thinking about adding support for music - probably woul support WAV FLAC MP3 OGG MID MOD. But not sure when I’d get around to it.

Video is complicated. It requires big complex code libraries, and the whole idea with Yarnspin is to build something small and simble out of simple components. So I think it is very unlikely that I’d ever add video.

however, i am considering adding support for animated GIFs

Ah, yes, I changed the API to be more aligned with the old Borland BGI from the DOS days, but forgot to update that code. I've updated it now, thanks for reminding me :)

that’s looking like a proper game!

Thank you 🙂 Your Masters of the Universe Barbarian game is probably my most favourite pico-8 creation of all time! If you do attempt it, I’m happy to be of help if I can - any questions, just ask 🙂

It is a good question - I personally don’t have any plans to add Lua support, but I don’t think it would be too difficult to do for someone who knows C and is familiar with the Lua C API. So let’s hope a kind volunteer steps up and makes it happen 🙂

That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing :) And good initiative creating a showcase thread!

It might be the limited capabilities of the gif file format, like it only supports a maximum of 256 colors (8-bit), while the filter makes use of 24 bit colors.

One way to capture it better might be to use something like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to capture it like a video. But then you will have compression artefacts, which may or may not invalidate the effect you want to capture.

I don't really know of any way to capture a video which fully do justice to the filter. It really is best viewed live.

Hi! At the moment it only supports MP3 files, nothing else. I have considered adding support for FLAC as well, but there are quite a few other features I would want to add first, that are higher priority for me. It would not be too hard to add support for the FLAC audio format, but FLAC files store their meta data (album name, artist etc) in a very different format than MP3s, so that is where the bulk of the work would be.

I guess it should be possible, in the same way it is possible for video recording or streaming applications, to read the display of another program - but I don't know how that stuff really works. 

At the moment it is only possible to export a gif if you load an animated gif with more than one frame of animation. For still images, you have to take a screenshot instead.

If it fails to export animated gifs, I'll try to help - maybe if you could share one of the gifs which fails, I could try it and see where it goes wrong.

Also, another thing that just occured to me, it might be worth trying to put the crtview exe and your gif in the same folder before trying to export


Build instructions for linux are in the in the git repo. You don't need a makefile, you just call gcc, as there is just a single c file:

gcc source/main.c -lSDL2 -lGLEW -lGL -lm -lpthread

SDL2 and GLEW are required - if you don't have them installed you can do so by running

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev
sudo apt-get install libglew-dev

Those are good suggestions, I will keep them in mind :)

There is no built in way to save a still image, you just have to make a screengrab of it. Only animated gifs can be exported with F8, but I haven't tried it on mac so it might not work (in theory it should though)

I guess it is in whatever is the current path when you run it. Might be where the .exe is or where the image is. It only saves a gif if you are displaying an animated gif though, not if you are displaying a still image png/jpg

That would be cool, but I have no idea how to make something like that...

Currently the only way is to take a screengrab and save that. With version 1.3, when displaying an animated gif you can export an animation by pressing F8. But for still images, you still have to take a screengrab

Yeah, I’d probably consider releasing the source code to Extrication at some point. The problem though, is that it is not an “engine” in the same way that Yarnspin is. The dialogs are in a script format, but everything else is hard-coded C++ code, which is entirely specific to Extrication and not meant to be general at all. It probably doesn’t make much sense to use the Extrication code for anything else, it would probably be easier to code it from scratch.

That being said though, making a general engine which is script driven and capable of powering a game in the style of Extrication would be a fun thing to do some day :)

oh, and I’m sorry you lost your files, that always sucks 

You need to drag and drop the image file onto the exe file in the file explorer. 

I haven’t seen any scummvm integrations of the shader. I think it would certainly be possible to do, but I have no idea how much work it would be, and I don’t have any plans to look into it myself. But the source code for the shader is available, so there’s always the hope that someone will implement it sometime.

(1 edit)

yeah, it’s not so straightforward  to find them - it’s implemented as a single-file library, so the shader code is embedded in the C code - you can find it here

It’s a little more complicated than just a shader though - I use a couple of extra passes and buffers, to do a good gaussian blur with decent performance, and to accumulate pixel values over time, so there can be a visible blur trail when objects move. I don’t know how tricky it would be to recreate that for OBS...

I do have an earlier version of the shader here:

It doesn’t use the extra buffers, it is just a plain pixel shader. So it does not have the blur trail, and it is also very GPU intensive due to the gaussian blur being done on the full resolution rather than on a smaller buffer.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

I am not familiar with OBS shaders, but it might well be possible to integrate my shaders with that. It is not something I would do though, but the code is open source so maybe someone else will. 

I do have a standalone image viewer using the shader, and the code to that can be found here

It might be a useful reference for anyone trying to use it for something else

Thanks :) I’m glad you like it!

The code for just the shader can be found here

It is written in OpenGL

thanks :)

thanks :) i’m glad you like it! Yeah the pdf is not done yet, and there’s no music/sound support yet, but is something I would like to add some day...

Of course it’s fine to sell a game you made with Yarnspin - and best of luck!

Adding support for animated gifs is a great idea, I think I might look at that at some point. Not sure when though...

i don’t have any plans to make a point and click engine - but who knows what might happen in the future! You might want to check out Adventure Game Studio (AGS), if you haven’t already

It’s all public domain, you can do whatever you want with it :)

Thanks for the kind words, it is really appreciacted! I am glad you enjoyed No Sunshine :)

I actually used to work at AAA studios (for something like 15 years, a bit too long really :p ), and while I think there are a lot of tremendously talented people there, I do agree that the industry as a whole would do well to widen their range quite a bit, and not keep moving along the same tracks.

Nowadays, I just want to make games as a hobby, and share them for free :) But thanks for the links and the encouragement. I actually use gamejolt already, but only to share free games same as here :)

Thanks to Bard for helping :) 

And thanks Golden Falcon Studio, I am glad you like it :)

I used it myself about a year ago to make a game for global game jam, and made a couple of improvements - you posts here reminded me that I should get that version posted here too! And the game as well.

The game I made turned out very dark and sad, but if anyone wants to check it out it's here:

Thank you! I was just as impressed by yours!

yeah, there's no reason to not make a 32-bit version - I'll try to do that when I get a chance.