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Thanks :)

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Cursor keys and S to control gladiator. Perform moves by pushing a direction (including diagonals) and pressing S button
F4 to display hitboxes, Ctrl+F8 to enter hitbox editor.
It's not a game yet - there is no AI, and there's no damage or hitcount. I ran out of time.

Awesome! :) thanks guys! 

Feel free to ask any questions about the code, report issues or  give feedback on the design :)

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Thank you for the kind words :) Makes me want to do more games for people to enjoy!

And you are absolutely right, I got started with computers with the commodore 64, and was well into it during the AtariST/Amiga era. I love the general aesthetics of that time, and do put a lot of attention to the details there, so it is very nice to hear that it comes through in some form!

You got it spot on with The Bronx Warrior - 2019 is the same kind of cheesy italian action movie from the 80s.

And if you like this one, maybe you'd enjoy this other game I made as well: It is an adventure game, but inspired by the same era.

Thanks again :)

I would have like to play and rate your game, but it is way too much work to download and install. You need to make a single downloadable zip file containing all files in the correct structure, so we can just download ONE file, unpack it and run the game.

Thank you :) I have released an updated version with better car handling and gamepad support. But worrying slightly that the game is too easy now...
I wanted to add a death rally style camera, aiming ahead of your car, but didn't have enough time. Might try adding it later.
There is a sound of a sliding metal door when you press the button, but very easy to miss. I'd like to have better feedback that it is the doors which are opening, I'll think about how to do it...

Thank YOU for playing it :) There is an update which gives slightly better handling - I agree that what I did during the jam was rather poor - I didn't spend enough time on it.

Thanks :) It was meant to be three different game modes but ran out of time. I just released an update that asks for confirmation before exit (and also acts as pause)

Still hoping I will have time to do the jam. My intention is to make a game in the Yarnspin engine, which I made a couple of months ago, so just thought I'd post it here before the jam starts.

There is no documentation yet, but there is a sample game and full source code is included (and the code is public domain, so free to use for all).

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Hi! My name is Mattias Gustavsson, and I've been making games forever. I used to do it professionally (,197280/) but now I'm only doing it for fun:

Looking forward to taking part in this, I have not decided what engine I will be using - possibly the Yarnspin story telling engine, provided it is officially released before the jam starts :)