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☆𓆩Evangeline Criez𓆪☆

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at first i was confused on who we as the player were playing as but i think im just dumb and im going off topic anyway.i was very surprised by the end, i never wouldve thought that maia was a game/program. this really reminded me of ddlc at the end. another great game!

aaaaa that was so short and adorable!!! i love the art style it is so beautiful! its nice how i only took like maybe a good 20 minutes to finish the story and i feel a bit sad :,)! continue making more wlw visual novels bcs im going to support you for all i can do! ( cant give money b cs im still young and i cant get a job teehee)


this is actually so good?? great job btw

its so fun to play, i didnt even realized that half an hour passed by! X

its so adorablee!! i love the part where the penguin tied the balloonfish to its hand and flew up to space!! that penguin will be forever remembered and missed. T^T

i love the art and i feel like my gayness level has once levelled up , not like i care tho , i like being gay xD anyways i feel relatable to Hinata

i love it so much i couldnt stop smiling the whole time >//< , kinda reminded me of i favor the villainess 

this made me blush so much the girls r so cute and hot