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Matthew O'Kane

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I like it keep going your doing great :)

here is my playthrough did I win? https://youtu.be/gNo_SOJUS-0

here is my playthrough thanks for the game was good fun https://youtu.be/iX0sF29DxfE

here is my playthrough really enjoyed this ty 

here is my playthrough fun game thanks 

cool looks good ill try it out thanks

the animations are excellent really like the monsters and the platform dynamic too good game ty

good game thanks here is my playthrough https://youtu.be/7ikQkg3LsQ4

finished it great work, shit myself plenty getting surprised https://youtu.be/dmQSzbz7S6c

great game  I got far enough here is my playthrough https://youtu.be/Gw2oePomhQM

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great game very good fun looking forward to the finished one thanks, here is my play through https://youtu.be/5HA8I3QPcZY

thanks for playing :)

I see the work in it, I just wasnt very good at it any chance of a difficulty level like no attacks and then pick it up few days in, reminds me of sheltered its the opposite not enough attacks. I like difficult games yours is my cup of tea just drag out the action. 

I loved the dove and Dovely is a fun pun it is def dovely :D

I like the game and difficulty is there any way to have a rescue option? here is my playthrough 

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great game really enjoyed it this is my playthrough thank you www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh1aK9...

had a go good game Im just not very good at it, thank you here is my attempt https://youtu.be/4uqFVu1xdwo

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great work I like alien unknown best :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ5eFqe_gLc

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dling looking forward to play

thanks ill try again :)

hey I dled and it wont play for me :(

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very cool

ty gg

Created a new topic cool game

thanks for gg

thanks for that was great

brilliant I loved this game here is my play through thanks so much https://youtu.be/uJhKNpJuURU

here is part 2 of gray demo https://youtu.be/4wD3AtHKrgY looking forward to more

no problem demos have bugs, looking forward to trying again and getting further only reason I didnt hit esc mid play through was I was worriedit would quit and Id have to restart recording :)

hey there, I did what you said and the game crashed when I tried to talk to noel after saying never mind, something about the faceset ill keep an eye on the next update you release to do part 2 :)

something I do is download the game to a second computer to make sure it doesnt crash cause sometimes my own computer can be a bit too forgiving , Im using a pc also if that affects it?

my pleasure angel looking forward to playing more of it

looking great loads of work so far like all characters thanks for demo here is my play through https://youtu.be/vWy7GhtlZto

my pleasure

hey I did a play through thanks https://youtu.be/sRQ0r5nqx8c

here is my lets play gg https://youtu.be/CC7SPqOUQMw

here is my short playthrough https://youtu.be/mLCbGaN5FSc

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im so drunk and loving your games cheers yourself watch my half life part 4 playthrough to see my drunkerness looking forward to more loved that game

I loved the ending it was perfect gg more please :)

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gg here is my playthrough

Thanks so much really good fun check out my playthrough https://youtu.be/dCD69mLcvWw

im very clumsy with advice on life issues every person suffers from so many things brought on by relationships, work/creative art they make and difficulty in finding a strong community to be part of. Isolating myself is a massive mistake in my books Id rather speak my mind and be rejected than keep it to myself and feel isolated its funny how those two are so different. gg looking forward to more :)