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The game is very good. 

It looks great, the characters are really cute and convey emotion very well. The sounds are also very fun and cute, but the music isn't that good.

The gameplay is very fun and also hard. I used an exploit to beat the game (pausing so I can position my mouse on the planets).

I had one major problem at first, being that the OpenGL didn't really work. I switched to Fire Fox and after that the game worked really good.

The game has some good music, it is catchy and doesn't get on your nerves.

The game looks nice, it is very simplistic and doesn't hurt the eyes.

The gameplay, to be honest, is pretty boring, all you do is move around and nothing else. Atleast it respects the theme by having lots of small planets.

I liked the game, it was pretty difficult.

The music is really good and the art looks pretty nice. My only problem with the visuals is the background, the rings sometimes become extremely fast and it just hurts my eyes.

The gameplay is very fun and addictive, I always wanted to play more. I did have one problem, there was a delay of pressing the button and the portal spawning (maybe because I am using Microsoft Edge), it made the game even harder.

Overall I liked it, I'm probably going to play some more.

Thanks for the review. I do agree with you, I would have added more stuff like animations and a high score, but I used Constructed 2 free edition in which you have an event limit of 100. I reached the limit and couldn't add more.