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Géniale médiation des analyses et plein de références super que je me suis empressée de noter :3

Ah c'est vraiment génial ! Je pourrais jouer pendant des heures ! Les couleurs sont belles (comme dans tes autres jeux), c'est satisfaisant à jouer et c'est pas stressant. J'aime vraiment que tu nous laisses l'opportunité de pouvoir faire plus de formes si on les trouve, ou de passer au suivant, ça crée une fluidité entre les niveaux. Bravo :) 

Your intro is sooooo nice ! Love your animations ! Good job ! 

Really cool game ! The writing is cool, it highlights how easy it is to know what the good decision is in theory, and how we skip it in practice. I noticed that my energy quickly went down under 30% never to surpass it again... And it echoes with the reality of having to mediate about social and environmental issues on a daily basis. Congrats on your good work ! :)

Nice game, loved the music ! Gameplay wise I'd say that at some point you can build 9 towers each rounds and watch them spawn kill the enemies. So, maybe make the enemies spawn faster each round could be a good idea, or add some kind of cooldown before you can build a new tower. Anyway congratulation to you all for your game !

Congrats on your game ! It's really cool that you created a small space to explore, this way we really have to learn how to dash hahaaa. We also liked that there was no losing state, it makes the experience enjoyable. Also, the robot and the animations are very cute ! Good job :)

Congrats on your game ! I really like that you can play the levels several times (and build on your successes and fails). The music is also really nice :)

Congrats on your game, it's beautiful to watch and quite a joy to play when it works :) Your gameplay is good ! Of course it's a jam game so it's perfectly okay that not everything is bug-free. I'd love to see advancements in the development. Your 3d models are really cute ! Did you do them ? 

Congrats on creating such a beautiful atmosphere :) The diorama is a great idea for the concept of your game, and we feel almost invited into your way of seeing the world. Nice job ! (also: visuals are amazingly cute)

Love your game ! But I'd really like to know what do I need to do in order to recycle paper. I really need you to reply so I can find my waifu !

Congrats ! It really reminded me of Enter the Gungeon ! In a good way ! Also, suuuuch a nice soundtrack. Bravo bravo :)

Thanks for the review :), even though the games are in French you tried each and every one of them !

Omg your comments are hilarious  ! We hope to upload an english version soon enough, so you’ll be able to take another look. Thanks for playing our game :)

Un petit jeu en dehors du temps qui propose toute sa sensibilité au thème de cet arbre ♥

Merci pour tes compliments :) Tu décris bien nos sentiments par rapport au jeu aussi ♥

Bravooo pour le score et merci pour les jolis compliments :3

Nice to be able to play with your prototype ! :

Always love some food drawing

Oooooh I like the yellow ships ! They look like Star Wars Tie Fighters ! Good job today :)

Hahaa ok. Anyway it made me curious about your work so it worked :)

Hi everyone ! I was wondering if maybe there's a discord server where we can all chat about the stuff we make ? :)

Wonderful art ! Did you also do it ? :)

Looking good ! Can't wait to see your progress on the game :) 

Bravo bravo ! Un joli début d'aventure en recherche-création :) 

A mind "ba dum tsss" generator. Love !

Trop mignon 😍 Et omg un tel talent pour le nom des personnages. 

Very smartly done, congrats ! Plus it's incredibly beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul I wanna eat those drawings. Music is also cool as hell !

Omg I never knew I needed this, yet it is incredibly insanely cooooooooool ! My monster looks booooooooooooooooooomb ! Love your work congrats :)

Hello, thank you for playing the game !

So you'd have to keep clicking on the right arrow that you have your mouse on (on the second screenshot) until you reach the game. 

We  understand that it is not that easy to figure out.

Hope you enjoy the game.

Really nice appeasing mood :)

Really nice concept :)

This is sooooo cute ! Technically very neat ! Great game and very fun :) Congrats ! 

Great game that I would not have tried had it not been for the massive itch bundle (because 12 dollars is priceeeeyyy)

Loved it :) Here is some of my fabulous art
Is the order of the assignments random ? 

Veeeeeeery cute ! Incredibly cute ! Love it.

Thanks for doing this ! :) 

ON A RÉUSSI ! Et c'est trop cute. Bravo :)

Un Reigns pour avoir des financements universitaires ? Hahaa cool petit jeu, et on apprécie les photostock 

Cleverbot meets glados meets stanley parable ! Chouette expérience bravo :) 

Cool projet bien meta :) Bien pensé et super musique !