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Sorry but no. :( Can you attach screenshot? Right now I've other big project thou' so probably I won't be doing anything to this game anytime soon but maybe I can help at least a little. 

Thanks a lot Alex! Maybe some day ;)

Thanks! Shame I don't have Vive to play your creation :)

Ok, glad you've submitted then, more good games to play :). If you're saying it's your friends who have voted then ok, I've got no problem with it :)

How this game can have 19 votes, when it was released after the deadline and all guys commenting below have registred the account just same time they've posted the comment?

Moment when you need to jump to catch the spike is giving a little sickness. The camera is moving to fast and we (in real world) are not. Motion sickness!

This is VR Human Tetris. It's a simulator of Japanese TV Game Show called "Hole in the wall".

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/H-gbAL1RoII

You need to have at least Oculus DK2 and X360 gamepad to play this game.

You're contestant of show. You need to evade as much walls as you can. Each wall gives you points and if you catch bonus with your hand you get even more points!

Controls of the game are simple. Use gamepads analogs to control your hands. Oculus gives you ability to look around and positional tracker to move around the space and crouch!

Good luck and have fun!

I'll post the description in commets, becouse there is none from itch.io sadly: 

Abandoned is survival-horror, puzzle, fps game that was made by me for #7dfps game jam.

This is my first FPS or 3d game that i've ever finished, and my third game made for game jam.

In this Slender stylished game you can control character by using mouse and WSAD. There are zombies for you to kill and cute cubes you can move.

All of the assets were downloaded from Unity Asset Store or other websites with free, or non-commercial assets for games. I promise I will add info about their creators if there is any later.

So good luck, and have fun and i'm waiting for your opinions about game.

Mateusz 'mathewp' Pusty

PS: I've submited Mac and Linux version as well, but they've not been tested yet so if there are any problems let me know.


You have forgotten the data folder. Fix it!