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I love doom-like rendering games so this one is automatically perfect to me, and I didn't even play yet

Sorry, I got some troubles while running your game on Linux. The terminal says:

    Set current directory to /run/media/mmd/USD/sag/BURD_V1.2_LINUX

    Found path: /run/media/mmd/USD/sag/BURD_V1.2_LINUX/Burd.x86

    Mono path[0] = '/run/media/mmd/USD/sag/BURD_V1.2_LINUX/Burd_Data/Managed'

    Mono config path = '/run/media/mmd/USD/sag/BURD_V1.2_LINUX/Burd_Data/Mono/etc'

    Unable to preload the following plugins:

    Display 0 'SyncMaster 19"': 1360x768 (primary device).

    Logging to /home/mmd/.config/unity3d/Awkward Silence Games/Burd/Player.log

and fallowing the path to the log  I found this:

    Error loading /run/media/mmd/USD/sag/BURD_V1.2_LINUX/Burd_Data/Plugins/x86/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Desktop is 1360 x 768 @ 60 Hz

    Invalid initial resolution 1 x 1 - forcing to 100 x 100

[BUG REPORT] I can in the first and third levels "skip" to the edges and walk with no problem to the portal and finish the game.

I can even run the loveman through Wine, but unfortunately some features don't work that way, like building a release, without sound, etc. It is an excellent tool and I really enjoyed using it on Windows, so I hoped I could use it on Linux too!