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and i feel like she can take control of their bodies sometimes even more evidence about what im saying is true 

oh yah and doesnt monika at the end song or where your with her forever she mentions like three girls or something trying to love you that arent supposed to or like three cute girls blocking the way or like arent supposed to be/love you

no no no it was all cleared up the devs told me what i did wrong

no i accidentally downloaded windows yah the devs told me that it seemed like i downloaded the wrong one and they were right even though i was certain i got mac

thanks at first i thought it was pretty clear and then i realized that it is actually a really smart assumption :)

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i think that this is just a game that monika made to fantasize about being your characters boyfriend so thats how she deleted the people and made sayori depressed she even mentions in the lyrics of the credits song she likes to imagine a future where she can be with you but she knows shes not good enough for them. i dont know though but please team selvato if im right tell me but dont tell me what it is if im wrong or did you guys even think about that part probably but yah thats just a theory... A GAME THEORY  also anyone else reding this tell me what you think but its also like she made it so he had the same memories he had irl but made it so he would join her club along with sayori probably

 edit: but even in her game she cant get everything to go as planned so thats why she deleted or killed the girls

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH IM LITERALY CRYING (just a tiny bit but i still am) YOU DIDNT JUST MAKE MY DAY YOU MADE MY LIFE ive been bullied tiny bit at school the past few days this game is actually making me happier thank you SO MUCH

ohhhhhh... i think i might have well if i did get mac im re downloading it but i think ur right

I will double check but I'm almost certain it was mac if it was mac then what do I do

actually no I'm just new to this I dont know what to do I can open the folder and stuff but how do I start the game and where.

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ok hey team selvato i know you saw my other post but that was before i changed to say im on mac now im not sure if your gonna reply again to that topic since you already did but please help me ive searched all over google and i guess it just doesnt know what im trying to say so please help me ever since i saw this from jacksepticeye ive been wanting to play this so much especially since he ended it and if you do help who knows i might even give u guys a donation please help and nowhere i look in the folder says just "ddlc" please help

please help

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im on mac and none of them just say ddlc

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im sorry im kinda new to this this is the first game ive downloaded what do i press and where is it is it in the ddlc folder PLEASE HELP ME

like what do i do this is actually making me more upset than the game and trust me ive watched it its very depressing i just want to play it please help me  I NEED TO PLAY DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB OR I WILL DIE!i!i!i!i!I!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!