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Now this a a real game! I truly enjoyed it and its so classic! I really love what you've done, very creative and entertaining! I love the graphics too! Keep up the amazing work! You're amazing.

I can't really purchase the full version but it looks cute.

This game is gold I love it

This is acually not bad oml.

This is a must have! I love this game!

As a person with severe depression.... Thank you so much for this... <3

So I went into all of the worlds and none of the totems let me transform into another animal. Tundra crashes the game. Looks amazing though. I love how it looks.

Thanks. I don't play too much games so I'm not used to it.

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Oh I do have a mouse. I'll try that. I just didn't know what LMB meant but thanks! I really enjoyed your game! 

I have a little problem? I can't shoot him. I don't have LMB or a controller to do this. Is there any way to do so?

I love to play this after college! It is really good an relaxing. I Can't stop playing! It's really pretty. I just love everything about this game!

I sure do miss the mobile version, luckily I bought a laptop today heh... Anywho it just keeps on loading for me and I'm using chrome.