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Nice gameplay. You have mastered the art of vent crawling . Helpful tips for the game as well too. We plan on fixing the grinding exploits and random encounter issues.

Episode 4 is the last public release we'll be launching on , as we plan on selling the game. This build is to serve as a demo for when we finish all 20-25 levels and begin moving into the final build.

We appreciate your interest. Keep an eye out for your private access to the next update.

Episode 4 released early! Give it a try !

Nice work. Glad you're enjoying the game!

Gave a subscribe and a like. Great content.

Oops, just a little fix with the description.  

Floor 4 will be available in roughly a week from now. 

Thanks so much for the feedback.  I'd love for a video play through.  Please keep me updated.

Stay tuned for more content, and updates. :)