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Not really, in terms of readability the game was pretty decent, especially the way the dice replacement system was presented. Aesthetics were the only thing that really nagged me.

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I haven't gone very far into the game yet, but in case I forget to do it later, I'll post my thoughts on the game right now and update it in case I find something else to comment.
In regards to story and gameplay, both were pretty good. The mechanics are quite interesting and original, with multiple unterlocking systems conversing and interacting with one another in deep and meaningful ways. Replacing die faces is a genius idea and it's not something I've seen before (though I'm not well-versed in the genre), and many design decisions (such as the possibility of breaking chests open instead of using a key, and the whole capture system) show that the minds behind this game clearly put a lot of thought in how to keep the game fun and open to possibilities.

My main point of complaint is with the UI. Bluntly speaking, it is ugly and not well presented, with fonts that don't gel well with the game's atmosphere and icons that look like were taken from an asset store. Bad UI (and especially bad fonts) almost always makes me avoid a game, but I was so impressed with this game's design that I actually kept playing despite all of that. So yeah, props to the devs.

Concordo com o Abner - a atmosfera, arte, música de fundo e cenário ficaram realmente muito bons. Senti, porém, que a jogabilidade ficou meio lenta, e a falta de efeitos sonoros deu uma pecada também.

While I'm not very literate in microgames, I still enjoyed the game. The aesthetics were especially pleasing and charming.

Exciting! This was low-key my favorite entry from this contest. I'll definitely stay tuned for new developments.

Nice, enlightening video. As I've said before, this was one of the most polished entries from the entire jam. Considering the time you devoted to it (and the presence of beta testers, no less!), it's no surprise how great everything looks and feels.

Great feedback! Aside from stuff that we couldn't do due to time restraints (or, more exactly, stuff we didn't think we'd have time to fully implement), here's my comments on your bullet points:
-There's a sound effect when you lose a key, though that might've not been loud enough... The sound effect system had to be rushed together, so we didn't have much time to check if everything was at a nice volume :(
-The order at which the keys disappear is random. In hindsight, this was probably a bad idea...
-One of our dev team members actually made a similar complaint to the movement system. While I do agree that it feels strange, I'll take the blame for this one - I did it this way because it was easier to program and gave the game a more retro feeling. 
-We didn't add a "more keys" powerup for two reasons: 1. It could've stretched the game for too long - We wanted hits to be permanent, and the game to be short. 2. It could've been buggy to implement, given the time restraint. 
-You're completely right with your "not engaging with the enemy" comment. This actually ties well with the "new enemy types" bullet point, too - my idea was to have the threat of increasingly more dangerous waves pushing the player towards getting as many stars as possible before getting swarmed. It would've been nice to have more varied types of ships instead of just the same enemy x100, but again, we didn't think we'd have time to implement it. In hindsight, I could've probably made at least one more type of enemy, but I didn't want to risk working on something that wouldn't pan out in the end.
-Finally, the buggy buttons: I'm really sorry. I spent a good amount of time trying to fix them, but the problem seemed to be tied with Godot's collision exit detector. After pouring a lot of time into it, I eventually gave up.
We're still discussing on whether we'll keep working on this game. If we do, I'll be sure to take your feedback in consideration! Again, thank you so much!

Yep, exactly! Something that moves the bot vertically.

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I'm just throwing some ideas here, but what I had in mind were:
-Set camera positions that the player could switch between
-Camera movement constrained by one or two axis
-Different robots that receive the same input at the same time (but not when they're blocked)
-Buttons that robots can hop on and activate the first two abilities (the camera ones)
-A toggable magnet that sticks to metal walls

If I could, I would give 6 stars for originality. The game's concept is great, not only for its mechanic but also for its setting - a chaotic parliament hall.
Its execution, however, didn't fare so well, though it is completely understandable due to the short amount of time you all had. My voice wasn't really captured properly at times, and I really craved for an options menu where I could tweak the amount of screaming I had to do. Something I'd also suggest is to move the "Voice" gauge to the upper half of the screen, where my eyes were focused on most of the time. I'm tempted to also suggest a lower threshold of penalty, though I'm unsure if that'd be necessary if other changes were implemented.
In any case, this game has great untapped potential - it only needs some slight adjustments to really take flight.

It's a nice, charming game with a great concept. The same can't be said about its execution, though - I think the game could've benefited a lot from a slower speed. Due to the short time the player has to make choices, its challenge comes less from carefully reading the situation and choosing the better option and more about scrambling to do something at all. 

Very wacky game, but its dream-like aesthetic goes well with its- WAIT WHAT THE FUCK THIS DOESN'T CLOSE?

The game makes a strong impression on basically all fronts - presentation, polish, game feel, level design, writing... this game does it all. The only complaint (borderlining on nitpick) is that its concept is not very original - though honestly I don't think it matters that much, considering the strength of everything else. Great entry.

Really, really great game. The presentation is just spectacular - the level transitions are smooth, the sprites are cute and lovely, and the UI is simple and pleasing to the eyes. In regards to its gameplay, the game also shines - its main mechanic, while not very original, is incredibly engaging and expandable, and its creative level design shows just how much the game can do.
All in all, this is a very strong entry.

The game's concept has definitely lots of potential. It's a shame that you couldn't quite finish it, since the actual game felt a tad boring, at least in its current state. With content such as a movable camera, more complicated levels and some more movement options, this could've been a really nice entry.

Great presentation and nice UI features. The concept might need some work, though - the delay mechanic, while quite creative, felt more frustrating than fun, at least in its current iteration.

Yeah! In the end, we're all part of the same journey. Your positive attitude is really inspiring. 

As some here have also mentioned, yeah, the theme didn't stick at all. The game gave me a strong  feeling of "all flair, no flavour".
On an unrelated note, the overworld seemed scaled-down, for some reason. I found it a bit odd.

Both the presentation and gameplay were really lacking. If some more care were put into this game, it could've shown some promise. Its concept, at least, was nice enough.

Nice presentation and fun gameplay. My only gripe with it is that its justification for the jam's theme is kinda weak... otherwise, it's a cool game.

The art's great, but I feel like the game design critically missed its mark. The core concept of blocking keys out (instead of shuffling, modifying or removing them but with a chance to recover) is just not that interesting, and the entire experience was honestly a bit generic.

This game is incredibly pretty and fun. While the concept is relatively standard, this is one of the few games that I'd actually legitimately play in my spare time. The physics system coupled with the superb aesthetic provide a very satisfying experience.

Your concept was a bit similar to ours, haha. Anyway, I really liked your game. The words coming out of the bullet trails were especially nice, and I like that even with just one button, you can still move around by wrapping the screen and using knockback as a means of movement. All in all, great entry.

Welp, our games have similar concepts. This is awkward.
I'll talk about the execution, then: I like it. While the remapping system is a bit cumbersome, I enjoyed the "keys-as-resource" mechanic. The actual bomb disposal game is also very robust and filled with nice content. All in all, solid entry.

I really like the game's concept, though the execution was a bit poor, imo. Looking ahead felt especially cumbersome... still, it's a nice game.

It's a peculiar game, I'll give you that. The game's sprites are pretty nice, though the lack of background music made the game feel a bit empty. In regards to its gameplay... honestly, I didn't enjoy it much. There's not a lot of engagement in simply choosing a direction to go without any input on its velocity... and considering that the objective is to avoid hitting the edge of the screen, that choice almost always defaulted to "move towards the center".

Alright, I love this game. I audibly went "ooh!" when I read its description, haha.
The concept is simple but incredibly effective, and the way you all adapted existing game mechanics to fit its core idea is also quite interesting. Stuff like gears and hearts dropping where enemies die (aka where most of the bullets are) is a great decision. Being able to push and block enemies is also a nice touch.
In regards to the overall presentation, I really liked the game's polish, aesthetic and SFX, though the same can't be said for its music. It's not bad, per say, but I didn't think it fit the game's theme.
All in all, this is a very strong contender.

Hah, great animations and voicelines, once again. The puzzle is a pretty fun combinatory challenge, though what I liked the most was the absurd comedic vibe of it all (like, Donatello is a side effect? What??) 
All in all, nice game.

Fun game, creative modifiers. The title screen was also pretty charming. All in all, it's a fun, wacky game. No complaints.

Really, really nice game. It's short, yes, but the concept has a lot of promise. The game's polish, inclusivity, writing and aesthetic were also high points.

The game's a bit short, and the idea is not exactly innovative. Still, I had some fun figuring out what each symbol does. If the game were longer and had more interesting puzzles, my impression of it would probably improve significantly.

This is such a charming little game! The presentation is pretty good, and Toffee is so cute! There's one thing I need to say, though: my right index finger is not happy about this game.

Actually, the Aimer should get a BIG speed boost. Without it, the Driver basically becomes a better version of him.

This was actually one of the first concept ideas my team had. We ended up going for another concept, but it's nice seeing someone actually executing that original idea!
I'd say the execution worked out really well, though the Aimer felt a tad too slow. I get why the turning speed is there, but I think it could've gotten a small speed boost. Other than that, the game's pretty fun! Nice entry.

Yeah, I agree with Eldar. The game is polished to the brim and its gameplay ideas are really enticing. Difficulty is pretty high, however.

The game's moderately fun, if a bit short. Its length did made me chuckle with that last "You saved the entire galaxy" note at the end, which I take was intentional. Additionally, I also found the bullets a bit too tiny to see, considering their color... it wasn't a big problem or anything, but an annoyance nonetheless.

On an unrelated note, I didn't really get how the theme relates to this game... What's out of control here? Neither the player nor the enemies felt particularly chaotic or outside of the influence of my input... What did I miss?

Okay, this is the first game so far that I really enjoyed. Both concept and execution were GREAT.
I love the fact that you can shoot yourself with the gun. I love the fact that the gun recoils when fired. I even love the fact that the game's premise makes no sense (aliens in a western setting?).
The game in its entirety is just plain fun and I'm 100% on board with it. This is a strong contender.

The visuals are nice and the gameplay is fun, though a bit repetitive. Conversely, I don't think the theme was well justified - aside from the game's name, saying that the spheres don't exactly follow the player's input isn't a good argument for "Out of Control", at least in my opinion. In the same vein, the initial rules explanation was a bit wonky... I take that English is not your mother language?
In summary, the game's fun, but it doesn't gel well with the jam's theme.

I actually really liked the game's premise, though I don't think it was all that well executed. The genres seem to always follow the same red->violet->blue pattern... and I always die with the blue hat due to a bullet hitting the ceiling directly above me. This might be just me complaining though - don't take this as the word of God, as I'm very bad with all platform-adjacent genres.