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I know I'm very late to the party, but my god, the art in this is extremely impressive. All of the characters bounced well off each other, and their designs were pretty good too. I do agree with flyinglegends that the story was a bit too basic, though for a first issue it's better to focus on building the characters instead of the setting. All in all, I really liked it!

Pretty fun game! At first I was a bit confused on all the different planet types, but this game has proven to be quite gripping.
Is there a tech map somewhere, where one can see the upcoming technologies?

This is a masterclass in Game Feel, my god. Everything around the animation, the visuals and the sound effects is so crunchy and powerful. I loved it.

While the gameplay is pretty simple and not that innovative, it works well with the rest of the game. The ability to combo strikes and spells is extremely compelling, and so I enjoyed every moment of it.

I always love me a good typing game. In terms of game feel, this game is fantastic. Every press is satisfying, crunchy and fun. Navigating the menu is also a joy.
The game paces itself well and overall I really liked the game. My only point of frustration is a side-effect of the font used. While it does give a certain sense of A E S T H E T H I C S to the game, it also makes it a bit difficult to tell O and D apart, specially when under pressure and a lot of special effects. Not sure about the solution on this one, maybe edit the font slightly to allow better differentiation between them?
I don't know.

By the way, I got an S! I'm usually pretty bad at most games, but I think I shine in typing challenges. Thanks for the experience.