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This game's pretty cool. I had fun playing it. Thanks!

This game's pretty cool, and it looks sweet. I have one complaint though. The fall damage is so extreme that I feel like it actually hurts the gameplay. I'm more focused on tip-toeing around and landing softly from jetpack bursts that it kills the chance of having epic shoot outs. I think the fall damage hurt me more than the enemies. Maybe I'm just sloppy, idk. Still fun though.

That was a strange little experience. I dig it. Thanks!

This game is pretty damn good. I'm surprised I'm the 1st person posting a video here. I really enjoyed the experience. I wasn't able to finish it though because at the end of my video, a note is stuck on the toilet and won't let me pick it up. I couldn't figure out how to advance without reaching it. Great game besides that though. Thanks!

Somehow you managed to create the least scary Slender Man ever haha. I still couldn't escape. The game itself is pretty creepy though. Pretty cool. 

Sweet! Yeah I'll check it out. Thanks!

Pretty cool, I dig it. I died on my 1st attempt and then guessed wrong on my 2nd attempt. Basically, I'm a terrible detective haha

Oh man, I am excited!! Can't wait to see what you do with it. The 1st one was amazing!

Haha, hey what's up, man!

Wow.. Nice job on this game! I didn't think I'd get scared but i was wrong! Very creepy. 

This game actually looks pretty good. This version is very short though. It definitely has potential. Keep going with this.

Just having a good ol' time with the new update. Keep up the good work! I love it

The only words I have for this abomination are... How dare you.

I don't usually play games like this, but wow... This is great! It actually made me jump. The scares were timed perfectly, and it was just all around creepy the whole time. Very nice. Are there different endings if you choose different replies?

I know it's not supposed to be a funny game, but i had some good laughs toward the end because of the noise the enemy makes. Short game but i definitely had fun haha

Kinda creepy, kinda frustrating. I had some fun with this one. Not bad.

Pretty cool, I dig it. I had fun playing this one. Thanks!

Ah, gotcha. It was so dark, i couldn't see what the hell i was doing haha. I love the way it looks though. Gonna have to try again tonight after work.

Cool game. I'm not really sure what to do when i run into that enemy but i still enjoyed the experience. 

Nice! Lowering the graphics is pretty much the only way i can play Unreal games. I'm gonna check this out after work tonight. Looks pretty cool. 

What engine was used to create this game? Just asking because certain ones don't run well on my PC and it's best to check before I spend money in case I can't play it.

Pretty cool. I had fun with this one. I don't know if there's an actual ending or if death is the only option, but i ran through it a few times.

Fun game! I drove around long enough to sober up and then tried to take out that other driver haha. I dig it

I use Firefox, and I'm not sure what my pc specs are but it's not a great one. I have trouble with games quite a bit. Maybe it will work better for me with a different browser. I'll give that a shot.

Fun game! I dig it. The only problem is that i can't download it. These browser games never run properly on my pc. It crashed after almost 15min. Any chance of a downloadable version? I would love to beat this game. 

Nice! Yeah I will definitely check out any game you make. Can't wait to see what you do!

Pretty cool. I dig it. Short and sweet. Thanks for the fun! 

Fun idea. That was a cool experience. I originally recorded a commentary video with it but decided to upload it without commentary because that seemed like it went against the whole idea of the game. Thanks for the fun!

That has to be the most unexpected ending I've ever seen haha. Fun game, thanks!

Thank you!

It's probably fine the way it is. I like having to figure things out, as long as it's not overly complicated. I should've known to check around there for the key before wandering off like that haha

Very cool. This one creeped me the hell out. Especially since it knew my name! I might have missed some stuff in the beginning because I went through that door by typing my name in. Very weird! Haha, I need to play this one again.

Cool game! I had fun even though I decided to look for the key in the woods instead of where it was, haha. Nice job

Wow... This game rules!! I love it. I did not expect it to be this creepy, but damn it scared the crap out of me at times haha. Great job! Thanks for this!

Nice job on the update! It's definitely a huge improvement on the previous one. I dig it. I also found a short cut when I did my 2nd attempt to go for the other door, haha. Thanks!

Great game! I really enjoyed it. It's rare that a game makes me jump but this one got me at the end haha. Thanks!

Pretty cool. I dig it! Thanks!

Cool little game. I dig it. I love the way it looks too. Thanks for the fun!