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if yes ping me on discord                     MasterGemu#6942

do you think we can finish a game in 8days?

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Yes, it's true. Thanks for the info!
I need a 2D artist (pixel art if possible) and for character and environment i can help, I am an artist too.

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I am looking for an artist for my team which will consist of 3 people a developer (me) a composer (Timaza) and an artist (you). If you are interested contact me.

discord: MasterGemu#6942


Super merci

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Thank you but I don't think we have enough time for to end a game for the jam, sorry.

ok, but What is the second forum listed on the main page of the forums?:

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Here is my mail adress: ***************

Tell me if u have an idea for the concept.


thx, but i am good in pixel art i just don't have enough time

Hey i am french and i need just a pixel artist for the jam, you can see my old project on my itch page.

My discord : MasterGemu#6942

salut allalonegamez bien joueer moi je n'est pas eu le temps pour la jam



read the first rule :

  • You must use the GDevelop game engine to make your game. The engine is free and open-source. You can find it on our official website.


Pixel Vision 8 looks great but why is the unity logo displayed at the start of the game?

It's ok, it works !

does not matter thanks anyway :)

I'm sorry to tell you that the arrow still doesn't appear after the intro.

And I tested on two different computers!

Here is a screenshot

Ok, thanks

There were 119 projects and now 97, so,  22 projects have been deleted .

Thanks so much !!

In order for the results to be fair, a maximum number of games should be noted.

Both the lowest rated games and the highest rated games !!


This game looks really good but like some people I can't skip the intro, I'm fine in full screen but the arrow is not showing.

Hi! for the odds lost it is due to the fact that certain projects were deleted from the jam, their vote was therefore not counted!

Ok, no problems



 I liked your game, can I reproduce it and publish it on the play store?

 I lack inspiration.

 Thank you

Hello, I am writing this post to say that among the top rated games there are many that have very low rating, the top 1 for example only has four. If a person is only once 5/5 and another who is rated 5/5 hundred times and 4/5 once it is the one who only had one rating wins. 

So I would like to know if there is something you could do ?

 Thank you

hi jkgaming,

look at the comments below you will quickly understand. good luck

Thanks guy

I see,  I'm trying to fix the bug at the end of the jam.


Thanks guy

For level 1, all you have to do is press the "z" key, select the green platform with the mouse, then press the up key to raise the platform.

press again on "z" and it lacks more than directing you to the ball to the right of the level.

I find the game very intuitive I don't understand !

Good luck !!


No problem

This is what the console displays