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Nice job ! I wish it had more levels.

Nice little game ! Very challenging, but we can just keep right pressed and spam the jump button to dodge mostly all of the enemies.

Thanks for this helpful review ! (:


Are you playing alone or with a second player ? (it’s better to play with a friend and with controllers). You can select the P2 character with IJKL, confirm with Rctrl and unselect with Rshiftf

The controls are now very easy to use, but there were made for be played on a single laptop keyboard…

Hope it will help you !

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Thanks ! Maybe the online multiplayer will be added after the jam, KikooDX is working on ^^

lol, a friend said that to us yesterday x) Thanks a lot for your review ! Happy to see you liked it ^^

Thanks a lot ! We didn’t added diversity because it was a lot of work and it could create disadvantages between players.

Happy to see you like it ! ^^

Fun game but a little glitchy ! …when we have people to play with.

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Nice, fun and beautiful. Good job ! (just, why your game is tagged “pixel art” ?)

Poor girl :( This game is hard, I can’t even pass the third jump. Can we have a difficulty “baby” ? :3 (it’s a joke, don’t) But it looks fun, great job.

Nice little game reminding me disc room ! Two suggestions :make the bat’s hitbox higher and more visible, and make a little slower (i didn’t survived more than 7 seconds lol) Hope it will help you ^^

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My character is called Scarlet. She wear a red dress and a purple scarf, and has big orange hair. There a quick doodle :

Hope this will help you and other people will participate, your project seems interesting.

Hellow, So I think I can’t share a fictional character ? (even if it’s an human ?)

what… the… fuck ???

(amazing game !)

Thanks !

Thanks for playing ! It’s strange that it’s lagging, it’s a littlle game who don’t use a lot of the capacities of the computer…

Thanks for playing !

The game is fun and have interesting mechanics ! I was stuck 3 times in a row as a tree and I died, it’s a little stressful x)

Maybe you should add SFX when we get hit, because I got sometimes a Game Over without seeing my HP dropping… Anyway, good job !

Really good game ! The level design is sometimes a little hard (especially when blues and reds move too close), but the game is funny and I enjoyed it (like when people say “yay” x)). Good job !

Thanks ! In fact there are SFX but there’re too low for being audible…

My personnal experience of what’s a anxiety crisis is a friend in my class who’s been bullying for a long time, and now fade away when she gets too stressed (or for some other reasons). But you’re right too, and maybe the fight-of-flight response will be incorporated later in the game.

Thanks for your review !

Oh, thanks ! I didn’t see that.

Oh yes, another game about working in a rest- ow shit.

What a fabulous game ! I love it. The feeling is perfect, the game is maybe a little long to get hard (it was hard for me, a non-american because I didn’t read the note about BLT lmao). I love how the situation is going really out of control for the player, with the twist. The minigames are various and fun, good job !

Thanks for your comment ! I never played Darkest Dungeon or Risk of Rain (just heared about them), my principal inspiration was Hyperlight Drifter (and Celeste for the idea of anxiety). I will improve my game to add more mechanics about stress ^^

This game is fun and the art is great ! The concept is a nice, but in-game it’s hard to move because when we leave a key sometimes we walk in another and it changes the rocket’s position, making the game hard. Also, the fire button and the move buttons are a little too far so it’s hard to move and shoot quickly… Good job, loved the aesthetic !

Thanks for your reply ! I didn’t have the time to do good screenshots, sorry… Thanks for you return about the stress mechanic !

Nice game and fun concept ! I was surprised by the presence of different type of ennemies. I like how the player have many life (a health bar is welcome). Shooting ennemies is satisfying, and I take a lot of pleasure to (try) to beat my highest score ! Good job !

Thanks for playing the game !

Thanks for your review ! I will drop the mob’s HP.

Short and funny game ! It’s totally random and sometimes a little stressful, but it was a good experience because the game isn’t too short and isn’t too long. The coin running away is a good concept. Good job !

The art is so cute ! The mechanics are clever, but a little hard to play with. Sometimes we didn’t know which monster, or the player have the faculty to move or jump, maybe making a little sign to show that will be welcome. Good job !

Wow, the game is fun and the concept is great. It’s not simply make the player go faster, it change the frequencies of the shooting of music notes and make the floor more sliding. Great game ! (i’m just stuck at the level 10 lmao)

I can’t stop laughting, this game is fabulous !

The game is fun and has a good concept and design, but it’s a little lagguy and hard to play. Maybe you can fix that by adding something like three lifes to the player and make him loss a life and restart the level while keeping his amount of carrots. Great job, the atmosphere and the ambiance is fun and great !

Thanks !

Thanks for your review !

Thanks ! After few review, I think I must make the stress bar more faster.


First of all, thanks for your long and detailed review! It’s a little hard to swallow, but it’s a honest feedback and it’s actually what I need.

I will try to fix the cursor to make it bigger (and make its dimensions proportional to the window’s size). Maybe I will also purpose different cursors like in Enter the Gungeon.

About the page’s design… Well, I will rewrite it if it isn’t clear and precise. But don’t blame me, I’m a French student so my text may be not short and concise!

All of the last ideas for the gameplay are good and interesting, and will make the game better. I take notes for a future version! *I really need game design/level design lessons, I really suck. *

Thanks! <3

Thanks! Some people find the game is too easy, some find it’s too hard. I find the first levels too easy and the last levels too hard x)

Your game is really fun, and has a high quality for a game from a jam ! It’s obvious you haven’t slept, because the game is really complete, or at least it seems to be (even if you think it isn’t!). The gameplay is fluid and dynamic, the graphics are great, and the music is nice and fits well with the atmosphere. Eventually the only flaws are the black frame that appears if you go up too much, and the anxiety that too often pushes you down, preventing you from taking fuel and avoiding obstacles. Good job !