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This might be the best jam game I have ever played

That was actually one of the ideas I had but didn't have much time to implement it

The game is nicely polished, even though there are less levels it's still fun to play

I say pretty good for a first jam game, granted the menu is not that good and the camera doesn't follow the player I think it's a good game. I have been using unity for 3 years now and I still haven't learned how to use post-processing and particle effects correctly. Great game

It looks like a really nice game but looks like it is only playable via a controller, it would be nice if it had keyboard support

The game is great but it lacks a proper tutorial and there are some bugs e.g: When you select something to build it can't be deselected. But anyways Great game idea

Just saying it might take some time as i am working on another game(Better then this) the demo will be out soon so i will try to finish it before the end of June

Ok  i am working on mac and linux support

You really don't want to play this it's buggy and quite incomplete. But if you still want to i could add a version for linux and mac


Ok, So i was not able to fix the problem with the 64-bit version but the 32 bit had a bug wich had to do with screen resolution. I have removed the 64 bit version and for the 32 bit versions UI glitch just resize your screen to a rectangle and mess with it until you see the health bar is fixed. :)

I will take a look at the problem ASAP. Thanks for notifying me!

This game is surprisingly really fun. So fun i played it 3 times! the only problem is that there is a slight bug which happens whenever i open the pancake room and they kill the ??? guy the game tends to not change the scene and i am stuck in there for eternity. Hope you can fix that and by the way. GREAT GAME OVERALL 10/10 

i think it's working with the rules because of the pun

Good luck on the games future updates the game is good :

You would know how much effort it takes to make a game like this if you were ever a game dev. It doesn't just get automatically created in a minute

Just asking a question does the sandbox game require a 3D or 2D game or can we choose both

This is the prototype for the "The Last Order" 2D platformer it has bugs and low gameplay and needs manual restart every time you fall or get stuck