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Mason Zettlemoyer

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Great game concept! I really enjoyed the Earthbound/Undertale vibes it gave me. With Undertale in mind, if you continue working on this game, I would love to see different endings (neutral, pacifist, and genocide) where if you didn't go neutral would lead to more of a certain type of contacts than others. Otherwise, it was a short and sweet game!


A caveman named "Ugruk" was wandering around looking for food. After searching for a long time, he finally found a huge hunk of meat! He ran straight to it, only to find out that it was a trap set by other cavemen. Ugruk fell into a deep pit and waited for his doom as he watched the cavemen jump down into the pit to try to kill him. Now, Ugruk must defend himself so he could get out of the pit and get his hunk of meat!


Ugruk is a game from the one-room RPG game jam. Ugruk is a game where the player must fight waves of cavemen without dying. Currently, there is only one mode which is the arcade mode. The arcade mode is endless and uses a scoring system. The planned story mode will have proper waves and will build up to stronger cavemen to fight. This mode is planned for the full release of the game.



To learn more about the game and/or download the game, please click here to visit the game's page. Thank you for checking out my game!

For my game, I want to make an action RPG. For the inventory system, how complex does it have to be? In my case, I was going to have it so number keys would be for your melee weapon, another for your projectile weapon, and another for your potions or whatever. These weapons could be swapped out whenever you gain a better weapon. Then, crafting items would just be stored as a variable to be used for crafting certain things, but you wouldn't be able to manage the items inside of a GUI. Would something along those lines be acceptable, or would it have to be more in depth?

If that's too much of an inconvenience, you can send me an e-mail to this address, ""

I may be able to play "Vs Plz," but if you want me to play "Tetrick," could you please send me a key so I can play it for free? You can DM me a key via. Twitter.

When I was testing the game, I was actually able to beat it during that time frame. (1-2 minutes) If I were to make it video of it right now, the video wouldn't be long by any means. If you could update the game and make it longer, it would gladly play it.

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If you could privately send me a key to play it for free, then I will play it. (You can DM me via. Twitter or send me an e-mail to this address, "")

I played a little of your game. It would not be suitable for younger audiences. I will not make a video of your game.

Harambe Ruins


  • Now displays the gun you are holding
  • Updated the player's appearance
  • Added the keys to move onto the tutorial

Suggestions & Questions

If you have any questions about the update, or if you have suggestions for future updates for Harambe Ruins, feel free to leave a comment down below. Or you can ask me over at @masonzettle on Twitter. Apart from that, thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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Hello, My Name Is DonkeyLlama

I am a thirteen year old that makes games and plays games. I've been struggling to find games to play on my YouTube channel and I've been struggling to get my own games out to the public. I'm sure that if you're a developer too that you may be having a hard time spreading your game to the public as well. That's why I'm making a series for games.

Rules For Commenting

Feel free to comment down below talking about your game and I will try my best to review it as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that I do have school stuff in my life as well as making my own games. If your game contains anything that would NOT be suited for younger audiences I will not play your game. Your game also need to be free, or send me an access key to receive the game for free. Videos may take several days, weeks, or even months before it is published. You can find out if I made the video either through your game's comment section, subscribe to my channel, or follow me on Twitter.

Thank You For Your Time

And Have A Great Day

Hello Voia,

I would love it if you could play my latest game called Harambe Ruins! Send me the video when you make it too. I would love to see it.

Thank you for your time,

Mason Zettlemoyer

Hello SpeedRider,

I would love it if you could play my latest game called Harambe Ruins! Send me the video when you make it too. I would love to see it.

Thank you for your time,

Mason Zettlemoyer

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Harmabe Ruins

Made By: Mason Zettlemoyer

Harambe Ruins is a retro, 8-bit arcade game where you are a blue circle that tries to kill evil Harambes. You are given two weapons, a pistol and a machine gun. But be aware, your range is very small, forcing you to attack them at a close distance. Be careful too, as they will rip you to shreds if they get the chance to.