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MAYBE they haven't gotten far enough into the game to notice this. Don't go around acting like someone is dumb because they didn't happen to know something that's not entirely obvious.

I believe that Dasius said he will be ading this soon. This is the fourth time I've seen this request in a page or two, so please at least go through a page or two to see if your suggestion has already been made by someone else. It helps Dasius sift through the suggestions quicker!

1. I agree very much.

2. I believe that things going flying is mostly due to buggy collision physics, but I'm sure that Dasius is working on this!

3. There are some 'secret' easter egg/story things randomly dotted around. Try exploring! See if you can get into the castle!

4. I agree, the removal of the horse and cart made moving items around a bit more tedious.

5. I believe that Charisma increases the selling price of your products. I do not know if it has changed since then, but last time I checked it just increased the price by 1 Copper every few levels or something. I believe that Dasius will change it to a percent increase eventually.

6. I agree with this. Sometimes I sit there trying to put the parts together for a minute or two, and then they finally piece together right as the customer is about to leave.

If you haven't gotten this problem fixed, try messaging Dasius or Kurzidan on Discord. They might know more about this. Maybe there is a value in the actual save file that can be edited to fix this.

Don't worry, Dasius has stated that he will be adding this to the game in the near future!

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I have found that when I open the incinerator/furnace door in the creative map, I fall into the void.

EDIT: I have found that it is actually pressing the red button that causes this. It seems to me that deleting whatever is inside also... kinda... deletes the ground too...

Here's a video: very much the video

This is... somewhat normal for now. It's a well known bug that Dasius is trying to fix, so if you want to, I suggest you message him directly about any ways you can replicate it. It would probably help him a lot.

I suggest that you message Daisus or Kurzidan on Discord through a direct message, or post it in the MLBSS Discord channel.

MLBSS Discord:

You can message them directly by going into the Home tab of Discord, then going to the top of the column just left of the servers, then clicking the search box at the top and typing either one's name. I believe that Kurzidan may have more knowledge on this, so you should probably ask them first.

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7th suggestion: Player position reset in Escape menu, along with crystal position resets. The player position reset would work like you woul expect, teleporting the player back to whichever shop they use. The crystal position reset would reset the crystals to their default positions. The only exception to the crystal reset is if the crystal has been brought into either shop at any time during the game. Resetting the crystal positions will move any crystal that meets the previous requirement to the counter of whatever shop is currently used (1. floating in the air, about dagger height or more above the counter, and 2. each one having their own designated position above the counter).

8th suggestion: Ore Vein Tracker. This would have an arrow floating a bit over the ground (pointing to the vein) and/or a highlight around the vein, similar to the way mentioned in the 3rd suggestion (item highlight).  You would go into a menu (either button activated or in an inventory slot) and select a type of ore. Any vein of that ore type will have an arrow and/or highlight until all of its ore has been mined. The arrow (if you use it) would grow/shrink depending on the distance from the vein, with a shorter distance meaning a bigger arrow.

I might have more suggestions, but I can't think of any more right now.

(Edit) 9th suggestion: Fold-out platform on horse cart, that you can click to fold/unfold. Ideal for standing on, this would make accessing items in the cart so much easier. It's hard enough to try to climb up on the wheels and get inside, so having a platform to stand on would be cool.

If you are talking about not knowing how to save the game, you can press Escape and click 'Save Game'. I believe it is the topmost button. If you are saying that you click 'Save Game' but it never actually saves, that might be a good question for Dasius or Kurzidan. You should post this in the Bugs page (, since this is more of a bug than a suggestion.

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If you are talking about not knowing how to save the game, you can press Escape and click 'Save Game'. I believe it is the topmost button. If you are saying that you click 'Save Game' but it never actually saves, that might be a good question for Dasius or Kurzidan. You should post this in the Bug Reports page (, since this is more of a bug than a suggestion.

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0.1.0  Apparently, in this general area, Steel and Adamantine ingots like to fall through the ground, especially when they are from special treasure chests, even more especially when the best ingot you have is Copper.

(This is by the bridge that is being built over the river)

You probably have to download it, since it mentions EpicGames on the credits list. I am not sure why you need to download it in the first place though.

Yep, I've got another suggestion. It would be very useful if you could press a button while looking at a workstation to reset it to its original position.

Also, it would be nice if when moving the smelter, whatever items were in the smelter at that time would be put into a special 'delivery crate' sort of thing that would appear where delivery crates normally do (one crate for each section of the smelter, with the items put into their respective crate, and each crate labeled with the compartment it came from). The crate should be small enough to fit into the fuel compartment or the ore smelting compartment, depending on which compartment's items the crate contains. It should also spawn any firewood horizontally when the crate is opened, since spawning it vertically would cause it to get stuck.  It would be even better if a message were to come up telling the player that the items have been put into a crate and moved to the delivery crate location. This would be super helpful for when you move your smelter to an entirely different place and you don't want the materials inside to stay where they were before. This would also be useful if you somehow manage to get the smelter stuck somewhere, and you don't want the items inside getting stuck too.

Yet another idea of mine is that the smelter could have a mechanism where the ingot mold tilts forward when the ingot has finished casting, causing it to fall forward into a crate that the player leaves sitting there. This would help prevent the ingots from stacking on top of each other and possibly getting flung.

Another idea I had is that you could press a button to highlight all items nearby. It would help a lot when you drop an item into the oil to cool it down and you forget where in the bucket the item is, or if you accidentally drop something in the water and you don't know where it is (seriously, it took me half an hour to find both of the flying machines I had made after they fell in the water), or if you accidentally grab something and the thing in front of it goes flying, and you don't know where it landed. In my eyes this would work a lot like in Minecraft, where if you hit a mob or player with a spectral arrow, then they are highlighted, and you can see them through walls and stuff. 

You can use crates to transport items. There should be 4 of them near the back patio of the shop. Just put the items in and click the crate. Now the crate is closed, and the items inside won't bounce around when you carry it!

I have never heard of that glitch. Though if you mess up on an order, you might deserve to have 300 guards sprayed at your face.

With the forge, I suggest that you put your ingots into sections, putting on only the metals that are requested the most, and leaving a space for any other ingots in case a customer requests an ingot that's not already on the forge. I would suggest that you put a maximum of 5 ingots in each group, since that is the highest amount of ingots that you can use on one item (this is the shield, with 2 ingots for the frame, one for the boss, and 1 ingot for each of the 2 handles, which makes 5 ingots total).

If by 'crates', you mean the ones that you can open and close, just hold alt and spin it upside down. Then set it down upside down, and click to open it. Then you can just lift the crate and everything should be in a nice little pile.

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Also, it would be great if you could toggle grabbed items phasing through objects. It's really annoying when you are trying to put a guard into the cubby hole above the work table, but it won't collide with the walls of the cubby hole, and you're not sure if it will be stuck in the wall when you let go.

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1.   I highly oppose the idea of making the crates like workstations. Like that, you can't really carry them around. It's nice to carry a box over to the mine, fill it with ore, then carry it back. If Dasius did this, he would have to code in the movement of everything inside the crate. Also, that way you can't make flying machines, or fling boxes into the air.

2.   I haven't had any problems with getting a shield through the door, though I've only made one shield. I suggest that if it's too big to fit through the door, slide it through the gap at the bottom of the window to the right.

3.   I think that is a good idea, though unless you are building 3 things at once, it wouldn't really matter for you to have multiple work tables. I do really like the idea of multiple forges, but until then I suggest putting different ingots in different sections of the forge (by 'forge', I assume you mean the platform where you heat the ingots, not the thing where you smelt ore and create alloys).

4.   I have also had the same sign problem. I have also noted that editing the text on the sign next to the big shop does not affect the sign by the starting shop.

5.   I have not had this problem, unless you mean that when you grab a part off the table, it phases into the table. This, for me, is super easy to fix since it only requires you to hold right click, and to move it out of the table.

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It would be cool if there was a vacuum item that went into an inventory slot. It would be a bit of an easter egg like the crystals are. When you click with it, it would suck anything that has physics towards it. This would be great if you accidentally dropped boxes into the river while using them as a flying machine and accidentally falling off. This happened to me twice, and I had to jump into the river to see underneath the water to know where the boxes were, and then try to look around and hope that I finally highlight it with my mouse. Also, I was carrying the fire crystal around for some reason and decided it would be a good idea to fling it up into the air. I spent countless attempts to grab it with a flying machine, but I fell too quickly every time. Thankfully I didn't save it, so I still have it sitting on my display counter. Anyways, a vacuum would be a cool thing to add.

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I assume you don't know this, but you can play as the jock and charge through the locked gate in the police station/armory. You can also charge back out of that area, though now I can't seem to get back in. I have also found that no projectile weapons work anymore other than the pistol and the AK-47. The other weapons just drain the bullet meter rapidly (the one above my head) without ever firing a bullet. I have also somehow made it so that my character model is a few feet away (probably more, since apparently one square on the map grid is equal to about a mile)  from the hitbox and the walking particle trail. I have also realized that it gets farther away as time goes on. Here's a video of the character model glitch:

If you are on PC, just press these keys in the following order (no need to bring up any special input window):

               D U D E M Y C A R

If you're on XBOX:

               Y B X B Y X

If you're on PlayStation:

               Triangle Circle Square Circle Triangle Square

Hope this helps!

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No, that is the grave digger. The Sheriff's partner spawns at any dead end road in the town, and looks like the Sheriff, except green. Looks almost exactly the same as the zombie version of the Sheriff.

Also, you could add a check box that toggles whether or not the customer comes back to pick it up if they run out of time.

There should be a button next to the 'decline order' button when a customer buys things that makes the customer come later to pick up the weapon they requested. There should also be a scroll on the wall that tells you what weapons have been requested and how much longer until the person who wants them will pick them up. There should be a box outside the front door where you put items to be picked up. This would get rid of the oh-you-want-this-weapon-so-I-will-make-it-almost-done-yes-I-finally-finished-it-darn-it-they-left-already dilemma. Also, it would give you time to add any perks to the weapon.

Well... you would need the incinerator for the large amounts of blueprint sheets... 

Or, I could use Google Translate to translate it and then I could send it to you to touch it up and make it grammatically correct according to Portuguese grammar laws.

If you want, you could use Google Translate to translate the in-game text yourself and then make some changes so that it would be gramatically correct in Portuguese. When you think you have it done you can send the individual dialogs to Dasius and tell him that you made a Portuguese translation. Make sure you associate the original with the translation so that he knows where to put what.

It better be an easter egg

Well I can't screenshot or record cause MLBSS won't  let me, and the recording app I downloaded just shows the screen I was on when I started the recording.

Well I can't screenshot or record cause MLBSS won't  let me, and the recording app I downloaded just shows the screen I was on when I started the recording.

My cart cannot be found, assuming that the cart is still in the ceiling. The cart would normally be above the horse, but it is not. All I have now is a pet horse. Also, the cart reset thing isn't working for me.


P.S. For me, my fear crystal never spawned in.

My cart has dissapeared.

Actually, from what I said, the polearms do become unlocked, but you just need to wait a while. Unless I did something to trigger it.

Ok, then I found one you don't know of.

If you have already bought items from the store by putting them in the shopping basket and closing it, there is a way to get back the one and two hand grips, but not the polearms as far as I know. To do this, pick up the box, go to the incinerator, and SLOWLY move the box towards the opening until the box is deleted. Then, unbound from the box, the grips will fall on the floor. You might lose one,  but that is better than losing all of them. As far as I know, the polearms will stay however they were when the box was deleted. Hope this helps anyone who has been hit by ASBL (Annoying Shopping Basket Lidding).

Do you know of any easter eggs other than the crystals?

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  • Be able to middle click on an item to carry it and NOT have it collide with objects. This would be useful when you are making a polearm and you have a lamp on your crafting bench. You could middle click and the item, when jolting forward, won't give your lamp the idea to blast off out your door in search of the 5th dimension. Instead, the polearm would pass through the lamp.
  • Kind of going with the last one, if you put the polearm inside another item, which would be made possible by no item collision, the two will probably spazz out and do all sorts of things you didn't think a polearm and a box could do together. But if you add a code where when an item is stuck inside of a wall or other item, then it will teleport itself repeatedly to one side until it is not colliding with the wall or item. I don't know how you would make it so it could tell whether or not the two are inside each other or not. If you do this, you miiiiight just want to move the incinerator away from the workbench.