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Check the area highlighted in red, that's where you'll find the expansion, afterward check the area in blue and then in green.

(image wasn't showing up so here's a link to that)

Hey there! I'll tweak the design a bit so it's easier to understand. After you kill the boss you'll get the temperature expansion in the tunnel that leads outside. That item unlocks the heat-proof expansion (the one that says that you need another item before),

The spark shot lets you ignite the TNT, and at the right end of Prometheus, you'll find some TNT that will lower the level, letting you enter your ship.
That's where it both saves your progress and go back to Vangelos and continue with the progress.
You gotta trust me and start exploring that dead-end I told you in Vangelos to unlock the cold-proof expansion, letting you explore the rest.
Hope it helps! 

Hey! Thanks for playing!
There are two ways to progress. One of them is going to Prometheus, another planet, and make progress there.
Another way is checking every cave and area above the cold level ;)
I think that dead-end at the bottom is a good place to check.

Hope it helps!

You can do that from config, and thanks for playing!

woop, sorry for that!
the goal is to connect two points with tubes using the pieces you have
once you're done with that press C to go to the next level

thanks! you can use alt+enter or just pressing the "6" key to make it fullscreen, and should upscale perfectly in 1080p screens.
And you also can use either a, s, and d or z, x, and c as controls

hi! I have planned after the review time to add a menu so you can set how far away is the clone going to be, including no clone at all
some puzzles were designed with it in mind, so it might not be as easy as it sounds.
but thanks :D
I plan on making the game waaaaaaaaaaay bigger and bundle it with another game I made in a previous game jam similar to this one (you can try that one too if you want more stuff to play) and sell it on steam

thanks! I was going to add a more fluid jump and more screen sizes, but it was close to the end and I uploaded the game right before itch started crashing, so I tried to upload updates as soon as I made them but a lot of minor details couldn't be done :(
thanks for trying it out though!

alright! next build I'll make it less forgiving with, 3 hp?

Thanks! The theme itself is very dark from a specific perspective, but the player wants to have fun, so I kinda mixed both together and it gives a very weird feeling. Or at least coming from me.
I also made the palette directly lifting the colors from the game jam logo, here's an image of it


Hey! Thanks for playing! I'll try to slow down the speed. You can stay in place and do nothing before you start the level btw, hope it helps!

Oh yeah sorry about that! I found some graphic bugs when exporting to the web version and I fixed them, although I don't want to upload it yet until the review time ends.

very nice!

cool! thanks for playing!
also there's still a lot of secrets to uncover ;)
good luck finishing it!

you can't switch it to the mirror player...   ...though that sounds like a wonderful idea!

hey! thanks for playing!
you can also press alt+enter to make it go fullscreen, or in the options menu you can set that up

I updated the build, you can check it out!

Alright! Found the bug!
It is possible that your language wasn't supported but now it is!
I'll wait for other bugs to pop up in a few hours, if that doesn't happen I'll upload a new build

I sadly don't have the license yet :(

oops, sorry for that!
I'll check it right now
that part only triggers if your pc is either german or french, and skips it if none of those are the case
ig that your machine is one of them but isn't activating like it should
for now you could try and placing this file in the ProjectMirror appdata folder

Hey Tiano! I just added the feature you suggested! I will change this in the next update when everything has been added!
If you have other problems it's the perfect chance to tell me!

Hey Jay!
I would like to inform you that I just fixed the unintended block clear bug has been fixed and will be added in the next update

Thanks Tiano! I actually had puyo puyo in mind while creating the game.
And I assure you that I'll add the option to hold down so it auto-falls

Thanks a ton Jay! I was going to add an effect when the blocks dissapeared, then they would fly towards the score box and add points. Sprites for that were unused and are still in the game files hehe.
About the unexpected row clearing, well I might change it too, I considered it a gimmick, but making it togglable (just as the outline instead of the transparent block) in future updates.
As to right now, I am waiting for feedback so I can add updates and maybe in a future release this for phones or browser!
Thanks for playing Jay!

Really good game! I enjoyed it!

thanks a lot Pirik! I really apreciate it!


looks cool
I like it!

no problems :D

thank you so much iandaprix!
I really like when people enjoy games because they are happy, so this means so much to me
also, the fonts are here if you want to use it for something

Thanks for the feedback!

Your randomly generated maze is a good idea, maybe not that easy to make for a game jam, but I think it can be great for a further update, or even a sequel or something.

Thanks for trying out the game!

I designed this game for a quick play when you have nothing else to do and you just want a fast challenge to kill the time.
You can play it as much as you want, but it is more of like a score chase thing.

I mean, if you want, yeah...
The current version has a brand new UI.
Tho, the suggestion of detailed collisons is taking some time.
But don't worry! We are still working on it!

We are working with 2x2 now
maybe it is not in the next update, but it will soon be like this

Thanks for your feedback LemonRust!
We are going to take that in mind.
We are making a manual, but we would like to hear you for making a better game in future updates.