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Hey there! Just finished playing the game and I gotta say it´s a really clever and well developed game, had a really nice time with it. The atmosphere and the look it´s really awesome. Great job!

Hey Larry! Thank you very much for the review! It's really nice that you made a video about it. About the arrows thing, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to polish the thing but wel.. we are considering bringing the game to an actual full version! So maybe in the future :P.


Hey Jupiter!
Thanks for the comment and for the video! We´ll check it out!

Thank you so much Hank! We tried our best in trying to adjust the inputs at the same rythm of the music, for some part it worked but we didn´t have enough time to polist it completely. About the display input, you might be right! You don´t get too see much of the whole game! 

Thank you so much Chase! Really glad you liked the game!

Thank you very much T-ruth for the review!

We are really happy that you liked the game! Even though the game forces you to look to the bar to keep track of buttons, we wanted to make the whole game look good and added small details and effects  :D 

Thank you very much Lenuam!

Thanks for your review, Cian!

There was so much going on in the game, and as you state, we didn´t have as much time as we´d like to to polish everything, including adjusting the beats perfectly with music (we wanted to make it progressive, from easy to hard). 

We will try to tweak a little bit more the gameplay for future builds, and also add an android version.

Thank you!

Thanks Xamon! Glad you liked it!

Thank you very much Stamperino!