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Martin Bussy-Pâris

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Very cosy and cute :)

Very cosy and cute :)


Grosse Marrave Aquatique, a.k.a. GMA, is a minimalist 2-player audio-only submarine versus fighting game.

The two submarines face each other. One on the left side of the screen, the other on the right side. You can only:

  • move vertically
  • use your sonar to check if the enemy is in front of you
  • shoot a torpedo (beware of the slow reload time)

We hope you enjoy it :)

Great initiative!

Here is our submission:

Evil Blind Mutant Monster Attack is a two-player game focused on audio design and asymmetric gameplay. Both players share the same keyboard.

The first player is a scared scientist and plays with no sound. The second is a blind evil mutant monster and plays with headphones but without visual feedback. The monster has to catch the scientist.

If the person playing the monster is able to see well enough to read text, we recommend disabling the voice reader in the game options of the main menu.

This is a game we made in 2012 in school ( The game won the jury award and the public award of the JVA during the same year for its accessibility to the visually impaired.

This is the standalone version of the music system created for Bird Ladies, a narrative game still in development.

Feel free to play around with it. Share your best melodies, use it with your favourite silent movie, or use it as dynamic music ambience for a fancy tabletop role-playing game ;)

Making Konjugaattori 3000 (Conjugator 3000) and using it helped me to better understand and memorise the rules of Finnish verb conjugation. I hope that it will help others to learn Finnish verb conjugation too, so here it is.

For now, only present time is available. Don't worry, it will keep you busy for a while.

Here it is: