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Martín Ariza

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Wow really awesome feeback thanks! We'll look at the slipperiness issue and maybe update the game when the rating time is over, I tried to fixed during development but I couldn't. That idea of punishing the player for touching the walls with the platform is plain evil, I love it lol. Btw could you give the link for the stream?, I really enjoy watching people play the game. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing! We needed the board to go slow so it can be controlled nicely in the narrow corridors but we could try to speed it up in the more open areas.

This has to be on the Top Games video or I RIOT! Really awesome work people, you could ship this as a complete minigame and nobody would think that it was made in 48 hours. Love it!

Really nice and simple idea. You got me hooked for a while!

Really clever control scheme, the models and animations look super nice. Lovely for a 48 hours jam!

Like bowling with math indeed! It is really unique, you should develop it further and release it.

This is suuper frustrating (in a good way), I was laughing in my room the whole time.

You really made me feel like I was been overwhelmed by a horde of angry monsters even without sound. It´s incredible how you manage to polish your game so much in just 48 hours. Good job!

What an original way of telling a story, my favourite game of this jam so far. Good job!

Lovely! You made a perfect friendship ruiner

Savage multitasking on this one. It feels like playing three wario-ware minigames at the same time. Congratulations!

The level design is top notch! I had a blast trying to map in my head the best route to take with each power up

I looove this game! It´s really well executed and the music is super fun

Very original take on the classic game!

I...I don't now what to say. But yes, kirby is very cute

Cool concept but the execution could be improved. The only major bug I see is that the timer on the upper left corner resets each time you enter a rooma and so it looks like the day is reseting over and over again, making you think you've made a mistake. I'd love to see what you fix/add with the next patch!

The pixel art is super cute and you did a terrific job with the thumbnail, it´s really eye-catching. My only gripe is that the camera moves too slow and your character can go out of frame. Overall it´s great for a game jam, keep up the good work!

I had a really cool "Aha" moment when I figured out how to slay the demons. Really cool execution!

Thanks :)

Really cool and challenging game! Though the movement speed might be a tad bit slow for the last phase. Good job!