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My contribution to the Minimalist Game Jam: METRO GOONS. It's a Tunnel Goons hack set in the METRO 2033 universe. Let me know what you think!

A Tunnel Goons hack in the METRO 2033 universe.

A new playable character class for Mörk Borg, made in collaboration with the amazing Evlyn Moreau!

Get it here:

That's great, thank you!

A printer friendly would be dope! Really enjoy what you've done with Solitary Defilement. Thanks!

Thank you, that's very kind of you. Glad you enjoy the game!

Mon hexcrawl minimaliste pour cyberpunks solitaires est en ligne!



Vous êtes un.e coursier.ère de l'ombre, un.e criminel.le augmenté.e cybernétiquement, carburant à l'adrénaline et aux drogues de combat.

Vous commencez votre aventure dans la Zone Interdite, sorte de No Man's Land irradié, située à la frontière de la ville, où les autorités ne mettent jamais les pieds. Par conséquent, cette désolation de ruines sert de champ de bataille aux différents gangs criminels qui s'y rendent pour régler leurs comptes.

Vous êtes grièvement blessé.e après être tombé.e dans un guet-apens qui a coûté la vie au reste de votre équipe. Des protocoles d'urgence vous gardent en vie grâce aux dernières avancées en nanotechnologie. Malgré cela, vous ne disposez que de quelques heures pour regagner votre quartier général et transférez votre conscience digitale dans une autre enveloppe corporelle... avant que celle-ci ne tombe définitivement hors-service.

I played exactly as you've explained. Makes more sense that way. Thanks for the quick answer and have a great day!

Hey, congrats on the game, I had a blast playing it! Quick question : my character had a Staff of enlightenment. I rolled a 1 when meeting The Mutator. I presume it has no effect on it? Also, you can use the weapons and armors acquired through killing enemies, right? And finally : when you succeed A Chance test, does the enemy's armor applies or not? 

Thank you!

Vous voulez jouer au meilleur jeu de rôles de ce côté-ci des Guerres Fluorescentes mais n’avez pas la patience pour lire le livre de règles en entier? C’est votre jour de chance!

Cette version condensée de Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland vous transporte direct dans le vif du sujet! Le temps de le dire, vous vous retrouverez en train de massacrer des montagnes de mutants et de monstres fluorescents.

The emission mechanic is definitely something I was planning on adding to the game! I have something to finish for october 31st then I'm going back to Escape the Zone. Thank you for your suggestion!

Made a cleaner version of the character sheet, added an index, adjusted the item list's prices and made some minor tweaks. Hope you like it!

Glad you like it!

Meanwhile, I made an appetizer (it is NOT part of the adventure ; it's just another thing).

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I actually think I will change the word relic for artifact in the second game. As for length, it was made for One-Page RPG Jam so... there you go. Next one will probably be longer.  :)

Thanks, that is very generous of you!

I'm working on a full blown adventure. It's coming along...  :)

You are a tiny necromancer. You used to be a regular-sized necromancer. Until your archenemy, the enchantress Leonore Belladone, cast a spell on you that made you shrink! Now, commanding an army of skeletons you've raised from the grave, you're headed toward Leonore's tower to seek revenge... Unfortunately, your enemy has many tricks up her sleeve and no intention of letting you win the upcoming war!

Roll them bones!

Tiny Bones is a solo ttrpg with a dice pool mechanic.

Featuring art by Evlyn Moreau


Sorry for the mix-up. Now in PDF format!

In Lost in the Dark, you play an adventurer lost in a dungeon after running out of torches. With nothing more than your intuition and your sense of hearing, you will have to find your way out before succumbing to the many traps and monsters, hellbent on ripping your soul apart from your mangled body!

You're right, I'll do it later today! And thanks for the nice words :)

Thinking about making a french translation and maybe develop the magic system...

Thanks, Owlsten! Very appreciated :)

I haven't had a chance to play yet but I love the concept, the tone and the references in this game. The example adventure at the end is a very clever touch that sure helps grasp how to apply the setting to an actual game. Stoked to play it!

Hey, thanks! Leave your comments in my itch comments section or write me at

I just downloaded Igor. Excited to check it out, I love the theme!

I just posted my contribution to the jam. It's called Rescue the Witch! It's about a bunch of familiars going on a rescue mission to save their mistress, a witch that's been arrested and thrown in jail. Let me know what you think if you download it!

This is a supplement I made for the wonderful Ninja City by Joey Royale (Get Haunted Industries, DCC compatible). It is a funnel, in which players control a group of 3 street kids going through a series of trials, in hope to be chosen by a mysterious sensei & become an authentic Ninja Warrior!

Hey Mr.Hand! So glad you're enjoying the game! I definitely plan on adding to the game some time. Maybe I'll write an extended version, an expansion or a different one using the same universe and system. Thank you for your kind words!

Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it. It's not impossible that I come up with a longer version in the future...