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Same here :(

So I read this bc I enjoyed Sinners and Saints. First of all, the character creation is AMAZING, I wish all IF was like that. I really appreciated the attention to detail! As for the story itself, your writing is high quality, and the premise and characters are interesting

However, reading abt involuntary hospitalisation or similar isn't for me

I do want to emphasise that you're one of my favourite IF writers I've been lucky enough to stumble across :D

Damn, the character interactions are top tier... and the mystery?! I'm hooked already. I don't usually read detective fiction, but I'm very glad I gave this a try. Your writing flows so nicely, I don't find myself skipping over anything, which is rare for me. I also love how much replay value there is, because each of the ROs feel distinct from the others, with their own appeal. In other words, they seem like real people :))

One question, would it be possible for you to add an option for MCs to be trans and only have had surgery, no HRT? (I picked the 'feels neutral about their body' option and also selected top surgery scars, but I don't think that's flagged my MC as trans)

I'm beyond excited for what happens next !!!

Wow..! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this blew me away. Your imagination is wonderful! It was a truly refreshing read and I really hope I get to see Ascendance develop into a full story. The characters are very engaging so far and I'm eager to get know them even better. I especially like Elya, though it is hard to choose between them :,)

My only slight criticism is that the use of dashes to indicate dialogue rather than speech marks was a bit jarring. Was there a reason you chose to write like that? /nm

Anyhow, I wish you well <3 (even if it turns out that you don't return to this project, you've more than convinced me to stay for any of your other creative endeavours)

This is so exciting!!! It feels like it could go in any direction from here, the anticipation is crazy haha. I also love the variety of dialogue options so far

Just a heads up that when you choose they/them pronouns for Roman, there are a few errors with the verbs (e.g. 'they smiles' which should be 'they smile')

V much looking forward to the next update :D

I found the demo very intriguing and I adore your writing style! This is the retelling I didn't know I needed. Also, Odile with xe/xyr pronouns is genius and I love xyr personality already

Fingers crossed that you're able to continue working on this bc I am invested :))