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Marrie Mei Miller

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Hi, I'm using Windows 7 and already tried all the combinations in the Output Device field, also the Input Device field is empty for me. :\

Melodizer community · Created a new topic No sound

I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't hear any sound. Should I install a plugin, codec, or something?

It didn't occur to me press Esc since I was using the mouse, but I'll try again and press Esc to see what happens. ^u^

There's a little bug. I entered the map in the part that said "Do not enter", started a fight with the slime and when I clicked on Magic, the menu was empty and I was unable to go back.

"Please consider making any or all characters, including mains, a minority."

What that means? Like, few characters? Or LGBT, women, black, stuff?

God, your work is astonishing beautiful! A Red Letter is breathtaking! I'm currently researching about soundtrack costs and would like to know if you could give me a base price for one-minute track like A Quiet Moment so I can plan my budget beforehand. I also subbed to your Youtube Channel. Thank you in advance. 

Wow, your work is amazing! I have two projects (both in planning phase yet) and your work would fit one of them perfectly, but I'm still researching about soundtrack costs therefore I would like to know if you could give me a base price for a one-minute track (same style as Mayhem) so I could plan my budget accordingly. Thank you in advance.

Hello, Samantha, I've heard some of the tracks on your portifolio and they are really great! My games are on the planning phase yet, but I'm already researching about soundtrack costs and I would like to know if you could give a base/standard price for a one-minute track (almost same style of Sitophobia, Icefields and Opening Happy Home) so I can organize myself when I write down how much I'll need. Thanks in advance.

Linux version is rpm or deb?