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I'm enjoying it so far outside of some pacing issues at the start! But how do I get out of here? 

Sorry about that :/ There's a glitch where if you obtain the new skill before the text finishes, then you'll either lose the ability when you die or the text won't continue
Press escape and restart the room if that happens

Try walking up to it instead of falling or running into it

If you do ever continue making this, I'd be willing to assist in the soundtrack/sfx department! I'm hoping to clear some projects off my schedule first but I believe some time in April I should be safe to take on something.

Great work on this game, it's not often that a game this large is made within a game jam!

It looks like you didn't upload an executable... hehe

Add it, this game looks really nice and worth a shot!

I enjoyed this quite a lot! It was certainly a lot more fun than I anticipated. I liked all the music and background details. The dialogue at the end seemed slightly out of place in the otherwise ominous but still relatively age-appropriate game. Keep it up, I think I enjoyed this one the most out of all the entries!

The idea of finding all the objects before you shrink completely is fun! I didn't know what was going on for a while, though, so I assumed the game was just walking around. Maybe add a quick intro to explain things? And also some audio, ambiance would set the mood.

The writing has lots of charm. I enjoyed navigating the mazes, and the ending makes me wonder if there is more than one possible outcome. I scored the art a bit lower because I recognized them as a part of the default RPG maker 2003 assets, but it was enjoyable all around.

I like the vibes of this game! Interesting setup for the story, and the jumping/shooting felt pretty good. I found a glitch that felt inescapable, though. If you are hit by an enemy during dialogue, the player can't move and can't be killed. I wanted to explore a lot, but any time I did, I had to walk twice the distance to reach the next story part. Maybe add a running button? I'll play some more of this later and see if I can revise this take.

I liked the physics behind the game; jumping is a commitment, and that could be expanded upon in an update. That being said, there wasn't a whole lot to this game. I'd like to see what you could do with this engine in the future. Thanks for participating!

now that's what I call

I installed the Liblade demo using the updated itch app, went to the downloads and went to the demo in windows explorer, and surely enough... they're all here. So what's stopping it from showing all of my games, when I can open Liblade through the app? Huh.

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My creations and collections are not affected, but neither my owned nor installed games appear in the library. Luckily, I haven't purchased anything over yet, it's just been game jam games, but I can see this being a problem if it's a glitch. 

Maybe it just hasn't finished scanning? I do have a lot of folders on my computer, but it's been scanning for a good 10 minutes already. Clicking view all on either category just leads to the "nothing to see here" page.

you spelled programming wrong in the credits :^)

Thank you!

Hey This Game Is Pretty Cool Maybe The Devs Should Add More™

Nice! It's always good to use feedback to improve the game :)

Thank you!

I like the concept, and the controls are pretty easy... but it feels like it ends too quickly? If you provoke the demonic ball it'll go faster than the player and it's kinda hard to avoid. If you do manage to avoid it, it goes after the wildlife, and that also causes a game over. It's an okay game, I just wasn't feeling it after a bunch of tries.

I suspected from the thumbnail that the player was the person, and I was happily surprised. It's a unique idea, and I enjoyed playing it! The only issue I had was that the shotgun knocks you so far back in the last phase that you have little to no room for error when trying to get in the final choke, and the way the jumping works makes it harder. It could have been a design choice to make it really hard though so I can't say too much! I still enjoyed it!

It looks great and the audio is high quality! But I was kinda confused on what I was doing. You shoot the Chitauris thingy, but there isn't an indication of progress? Or does it end when the song ends?

Great job! Music is great, and the concept is very cool! I had trouble detecting what some of the audio changes were in level 2, which left me a little flustered. Overall a good game with a great concept.

Overall, I really enjoyed it! The only issue I had was that the snare seemed a lot harder to get a thumbs up for than the other parts of the drum kit. Playing it more helps to get better timing. All in all, one of the better entries so far!