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After overscoping my game as per usual, I've managed to finally put something together for submission!

It's called Pandemic Olympics and it's a collection of minigame events themed after some of the ways our lives have changed due to the pandemic: more deliveries, socially distancing, passing time with games, working from home, etc.  For some reason I really liked the juxtaposition of taking these day-to-day events and turning them into a "serious" competition.  I wanted to do more events like something to do with zoom calls, but I gotta call it here for now!

I hope all of you Olympians are staying safe!

Here's the game:

Cute :)  One note: on my computer it seems that holding down the mouse button rapid fire clicked the "play" and "back" buttons so it switched between the two scenes really fast and it was hard to get to the bells scene.  An easy fix would just be to move the "back" button to the lower right corner of the game screen.

v nice!  you're so good at v small scope but high impact games.  I got stuck in a cloudless dead zone and waited many years for fuel to no avail :(  still good tho!  nice poems

Nice lil game :)  Found the best strategy is to just keep doing small circles, but eventually the RNG will get ya.  Highscore 16!

Really enjoyed this one!  v nice puzzles :)

Oh interesting!  Gdevelop is like an open source Construct it seems like.  Have you tried both?  I would imagine Construct is more fully-featured but is unfortunately a paid subscription.

I keep coming back to Construct.  I love the event sheets, it's such a simple and effective way to have visual coding that's not too abstracted (like multimedia fusion) and not trying to just be coding but with mouse (like stencyl, blueprint, or Unity's Bolt thing).  There's weird problems with it for sure, but I guess I'm just used to it at this point that I find I can develop small games on it faster than I lose my interest hah.  Really want to learn Godot and plan to more in the future, but Construct is quicker for me rn.

hah yeah i made it a little too hard maybe :P  thanks for playing!

Hi pancelor!  Whoa you're a pico8 wizard.  And you made a Necrodancer game!  Nice!  I work for Brace Yourself Games right now so it's fun to see Necrodancer fan stuff. :D  This is a great idea and very cute.  Good luck with the jam!

Ah yeah that's good to know!  Thanks droqen, I might reach out in the future.  I really want to learn it!  I struggled with it a bit last night as I'm still learning, i think i might switch back to construct for this jam just cause i know i can crank stuff out fast before i lose interest hehe

Hiya!  I'm Marlon, I make video game trailers and sometimes small games on the side, though i have trouble finishing game stuff usually due to scope, and free time.  Hence this jam is perfect for me.  Keep things mega small and short!

Hoping to wrap a few small projects i have sitting around on my harddrive and learn a few things about Godot in the process.  Really digging the node pattern in that engine!  It seems to really fit with my mental model of how things should fit together. :)  Dunno if i'll actually get to 10 but if i finish 1 i'll be so happy. :D

this is the dark souls of sonic games :P

also, wow you made a game for the jam already!!  congrats

Haha!  That was fun. :)  Keep making cool stuff y'all

There we go!  It works! :D  It's nice and simple, easy to play.  I got a score of 434 without firing much at all, if you just keep circling around the edges the enemies stay near the center, but the different speeds of enemies eventually got me!  Fun :)

You absolutely should be happy with the result :)  Keep on makin stuff!

Love the look!  That tricky free hugs lady keeps shooting me :S  How do I get past?

Love the juiciness of the movement, and the idea is really good, but it was a bit tricky to figure out when things were happening and when messages were read.  Another day of polish and it'll be awesome!

I'm having trouble running this one.  Missing love.dll and lua.dll.  Any advice to try to get it to work?

Very polished!  I didn't think I hated crabs before, but I do now ;) 

I think I got confused as to which desk was paper and which was gift, but once i figured it out it's fun!  Completed with 1 second to spare.  Good scope for a short jam :)

what a good pupper!  solid idea, i feel like you can do even more with it! :)

Big fan of these sorts of asymmetric multiplayer games!  Great idea and good execution.  Impressed you tackled a multiplayer game :)

Really sticked the landing on the end didnt ya?  well done ;)

Looove the screenshake and control in this one.  Feels so satisfying!  Just needs some sound effects to really lock in that game feel :)

Nice and polished :)  Great work for a 48 hour jam!

Really enjoyed this one!  Big sucker for classic CGA graphics and the nod to the prisoner's dilemma is pretty cool

Haha!  So good.  Congrats on the win! :D

Time: 30.811!!  Nice platforming mechanics and the graphics are very nice!  Well done :D

Very nice!  Well written and congrats on getting second with your first game jam game :D  Keep it up!

Really like the gfx and the way the hand types as you go!  I think there's more you can do with this for sure, maybe some messages that aren't math :P  Nice for a 48h jam tho!

Well done!  Nice take on the theme with the radio gun :)

Interesting take on Reigns!  Nice gfx.  Intense situations :)

Love the atmosphere!  I tried the game again and pressing space on the rock and it makes a shovel sound but no matter how long i wait i can't seem to get it to work and the spider gets me.  Am I doing it right?

Love this take on paperboy!  Very nice and impressive as your first game jam game!

Clever idea and well executed! :D

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Hi!  Just wanted to add to this, I am running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and I also could not get it to run if I downloaded the mac zip and tried to run it through finder.  After double-clicking, the icon would animate and act like it opens but nothing would happen.  Can't find a log.txt file anywhere either.

However, if I download and run through the Itch App, it works great!  Not sure what's going on there.  If there's any other info I can give to help solve this let me know!

Here's a bit more about my compy:

Model Name:    MacBook Pro
Model Identifier:    MacBookPro11,5
Processor Name:    Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Processor Speed:    2.5 GHz

Really enjoyed this!  I had a pretty good run and didn't have too many bad interactions with creepy men on the street, but even just passing by I started feeling anxious that they would talk to me.  Very effective!  Enjoyed the interactions between friends and how small confrontations often ended in resolving situations instead of escalating.  Great game! :)

Ah you have to press period, which is button 1 for player 1 (also does beatboxing).  The controls are for an arcade machine which only has two buttons per player which is why it’s set up like that.  I’ll change the description to make it easier to understand.  Thanks!

What a lovely trailer!  And the game is so pleasing to watch :)  Will be picking this up on Switch probs.  Good luck on the launch!

Hey @thedove!  Try downloading now, I fixed that stuff and added some new visuals too for the heck of it!