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Really enjoyed this!  I had a pretty good run and didn't have too many bad interactions with creepy men on the street, but even just passing by I started feeling anxious that they would talk to me.  Very effective!  Enjoyed the interactions between friends and how small confrontations often ended in resolving situations instead of escalating.  Great game! :)

Ah you have to press period, which is button 1 for player 1 (also does beatboxing).  The controls are for an arcade machine which only has two buttons per player which is why it’s set up like that.  I’ll change the description to make it easier to understand.  Thanks!

What a lovely trailer!  And the game is so pleasing to watch :)  Will be picking this up on Switch probs.  Good luck on the launch!

Hey @thedove!  Try downloading now, I fixed that stuff and added some new visuals too for the heck of it!

Ack!  I need to get on this!  Keeping my games up to date is not a priority atm but maybe i'll have some time this weekend to sort it out!  Please keep reminding me!

Yay!  Thanks, and keep up the good work :D

Hiya! :)

I wanted to try and use DS95 to output to a different program and if I try to use the "Export to Sprite Sheet" function, it looks like it bugs out cause it adds an extra "Assets" folder when it's searching for the file name.

Below you can see the project hierarchy and the error message.  I can get it to work if i copy the sprite to a dummy folder that it's trying to search for and then run the sprite sheet operation again.  I'm using 2019.1.8f1 and DS95 2019 version (but i tried 2018 and does same thing it seems).

Hope that helps!

Whoa, amazing!  Great atmosphere, audio, visuals.  You make it look easy to jam! :)  Good seeing you as well ;)

🤦‍♂️ hah wow that's a typo and a half!  Also thanks for finding that bug, I'll see if I can't patch it up sometime today.  Glad you like it anyways :)

Ah nuts.  Sorry I'm not entirely sure how else to fix this!

Hey!  Just did the fix, try it again and let me know if it works! :)