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I enjoyed the idea of this game. The life outside vs. reality. I hope there's more coming along to this as time moves forward. Short and nice indeed ^_^

It was a pleasure to share on an awesome mind bend subject ^_^

At first I had my doubts but when I got all sides of the story I was hooked. Well done! 

Definitely one of the coolest elephants I've encountered! Smooth with the pedestrians too (5 out of 5 peaNUTS)

Enjoyed the camera flash/visibility combination the most! Hope to see an extended\full version in the future! 

Wow indeed.. Please Please Please in the near future find that amazing talent inside your heart and add some chase/jumpscares to this. Loved it (^- ^)

Whenever I see food I just have to play! Serves them right for taking my lunch! This is just part 1 for everyone to explore.

My thoughts exactly!! 

That was such a delight to experience. Took me a few hours but this was well worth it for Lily! 

Thank you for the New Years treat!

Thank you for the update and always appreciated content you display on here! Happy New Years Every one!

Much obliged ^- ^

The fact that i'm still confused yet troubled about that ending gives me the chills... Well done! 

Much appreciated and i'm happy i added value! Happy Holidays 

Intense feelings of emptiness as we walk around this setting. Question to everyone... What's the truth about Building 71?

Thank you! It was my pleasure ^_^

The holidays aren't what they seem this year.. Save yourselves.. Thank you LCB for this surprise release it was a neat holiday treat!

Much needed quick review for another atmospheric horror style game. Full release will be inbound i'm counting on it! 

My take on this thought provoking game can shed some life in it's own way. To you and from us all AlgebraFalcon we say thank you! 

Very neat concept you got going on! Here's my question to you all... What's your theory on the driver?

What a roller coaster ride! These games really hit your soul differently and that's my pure love for Crowscare & all your other collections! Thank you ArcadeKitten (^- ^) 

Thank you for the purrfect end to a rough 2021. You had me at 8 bit cats lazytiger <3  5/5 8 bit toe beans


Totally adorbs! The fact you got me to play patiently really boosted the experience. Thank you Kultisti 5/5 STUFF <3

This game definitely was a mini brain teaser. I did this with another person and we sucked until we hit the 6th puzzle. Overall? 4/5 smiles from us!

most grateful (^_^)

The soups are souperbly delicious! Playing it the second time and having a more detailed biography of both characters really made me feel warm inside. Thank you for warming up my night with hearty soups :) Here's one silly ending for all to explore, Enjoy!

I really love the innocent aspect of this story as it ramps up depending on your choices. The darker side hits you hard and you feel the emotions immediately! Well done and excited for more. Here's one ending for everyone to explore, Enjoy!

Happy Halloween everyone! It's safe to say I wasn't expecting this story to go where it did :)  I'm growing very fond of these kinetic adventures you take us on! 

Took a solid hour or so to play and come to an understanding of this short story. Here's a review for all to explore and a good thumbs up recommendation to read this kinetic visual novel! 

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Coming back to this in a few days! Who's truly to blame for the events? 

A quick review was in the making to dive into this story! So many questions and i'm sure so many opinions. Community, here's the review for us all to explore. 

Perfect. Well deserved follow from me that's for sure. Can't wait!

Just adorbs on so many levels! Very wholesome but i'm sure in the future more will be added to this game entry :) 5/5 Coffees 

Did a brief review to get more  opinions :)

In a hypothetical situation... What would everyone else do in Mothers shoes?

Ending #8 hits DIFFERENT (^ -^) I've still got a long way to go but this is a fun 'trip' haha. Here's my trip on the elevator!

I'm not sure why my face was surprised by the wolf and the light but ohh..boy. Thank you for the story and I hope to see more from you again Saya!

Here's my gameplay for everyone to explore, Enjoy!

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Thanks for such an interesting visual novel. Can't wait to discover Aeda furthermore! Here's my playthrought to Enjoy! 

This was such a delight to play! My cat won't kidnap me after watching this will they? Thank you for a cute game for pandemic sake. Much appreciated Joysugamu and team!

* Clever Clever on the password and endings (^- ^)

Round two! The review ^- ^