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This has to be the BEST Siren Head game out there. I love how we can actually shoot him and fend him off lol. Here's what I got! Let me know what you guys think and if you like the video, give it a thumbs up! Shoutout to the CREATORS of this game - it's a really nice piece of work.

This is an EXCELLENT simulator with authentic jumpscares! Really spooked me out... that's why I play my games in the morning lol.

I don't know how people make these scary games... I was the biggest wussy playing it. I would really like to see a continuation on this and I hope you create more games!

Since you've already done most of the work creating a Doki Doki like atmosphere, I thought I'd add the rest.

Hardcore COMPLETE. It was truly one HELL of a ride. Stay focused, and you might not spend 10 hours trying to beat it... Watch ONLY if you want SPOILERS.

Pro Gamer Moves ONLY

4 minutes and 20 seconds

Great horror game to past the time. Wish  there were more elements and game mechanics in the game; however, I'm no game developer and I'm sure this took many days to accomplish. Great props to you! I hope to play more of your work!

I don't beat it, but I definitely enjoyed it. Here's me playing it for 4 minutes and 20 seconds.