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I'm going to end up dedicating a full livestream for this one game because it's actually really hard. Where can I find another ailment to heal myself after getting gassed? SEND HELP PLEASE. 

My chat loved this game. Skip to 36:48 for this gameplay.

You have to be smart to figure this one out. Skip to 23:00 for this gameplay.

This is the most original game I've played. My stream loved it. Skip to 1:26:51 for this gameplay. 

Played this on my most recent livestream. My only comment is the ghost is waaaaay to THICCC. Ghost had thighs that almost turned me gay. Hope you enjoy. Skip to 1:34:24 for the full playthrough.

Played this on one of my livestreams. Love how we didn't have to download anything.

SPOILER: The best part of this game with my special commentary: 

Spoiler: Here's the jumpscare.

Emika games is way too lit. Locked Up is just as scary, if not scarier.

I can't wait till the next project!!! I'll definitely pay to play again! Here's my video on it. Thanks for watching.

I enjoyed having a constant feeling of dread because... well, I'm not going to spoil it! Here's the link for the Premiere of this video - I've added a trailer for you guys to see what's to come! Hope you can join.

Looking for new people to join #mfbnation! Here's my commentary on this very short and relatable game. We're on the road to 10k! Recorded videos, shorts and livestreams daily 4-7pm!

I wasn't expecting this, but I'm okay with it. #mfbnation, Join the Discord:

The monster is definitely from Tekken. Skip to 22:36 for my full gameplay from FRIGHT, where I play  3 scary games.

Another walking simulator... it was alright. Skip to 14:17 for the full gameplay.

Here's ONE jumpscare out of many... for those with short attention spans. Full video is linked to this one.

The jumpscares really got me when they happened...

One of the best jumpscares I experienced and it made it on my top 10 list of best jumpscares! I actually stepped away from the game because I was anticipating a jumpscare (with the SUCH LOW volume and REALLY LOUD sounds). Did that make sense? Idk, anyway, here it is.

There were MAJOR jumpscares in this for being such a short game... 

Well, I decided to revisit this by putting together a compilation of the best jumpscares and well here you go!

I see the comments say the link is expired... Well, there's three best jumpscares (out of 10) from this latest video.   Tbh, I am terrified of Asian horror and this did the job in scaring me! Here you go, short video than my usual, only 10 minutes (:.

LOL you guys crack me up! "and now we all just here." Doki Doki is the best! I played it a while back and I'm going to revisit it very soon (: Does anyone actually create monsters on here? My sister said mine was trash...rude.

Okay, so I can't believe there isn't a full game yet. It reminded me of those levels in Crash Bandicoot where you have the big boulder chasing you while avoiding obstacles. Anyway, this was one of the first games I played coming back from vacation and it delivered! For one, I haven't jumped so high (literally, I got some air haha) and two, I haven't been this impressed over a free demo in a while. Here's my gameplay, skip to 4:52 for this game.

This game is always trending, so shout out to ya'll who keep it alive. I gave it a shot... and anyone else notice the Doki Doki music in the back? No? Oh, well I put it in my video... hehe. Anyway, this is the first game I played coming back from vacation and I hope you like the video (: Oh, who else watches Attack on Titan? Let's talk about that.

Santa is killing prostitutes... I mean, what they're doing is un-Christian and his actions are JUST. lol this game was something else. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Congrats for the creator - this game is trending again!

This game is a dollar and it's worth it. Moral of the story, "Don't cheat, stay faithful." Oh, and don't be a cop... I'm sure there's real GHOST cop stories out there. Shout out to my 10 new subscribers. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

Okay, walking simulator with some "thinking" involved... and JUMPSCARES that actually worked. Right off the bat, Jumpscare lol. Here's my gameplay... I loved how it played and this proved you didn't need those "in your face" jumpscares to make a game scary. You can skip to 00:52 to skip the intro, but you wouldn't do that (: Oh... and please subscribe and like. (:

I'm not going to lie like everyone else and tell you this game was scary... BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT WASN'T BAD. I loved the atmosphere of the game, but I really wanted more... like the Ring girl really should have popped up sometime during the game because the protagonist was a horror fan (you'll know why when you try out the game yourself or better yet, when you watch my video).

Here's my gameplay - it was the first video of FRIGHT.

Shoutout to the creators of this game! It had genuine scares, constant feeling of dread, and TERRIFYING monster. Honestly, if this was played like Outlast, I would pay money. 10/10 - I almost pussed out before I found out you could touch the light lol.

Here's my gameplay. Go to 1:39 to skip the intro.

I'm one of those few people who didn't get the PS5 on the initial release, but thankfully, this game made me feel like I got it... until the end. lol

I wanted more from this... I felt like the build up left me hanging. Shout out to the creator for reaching out to me to play the game!

This was the second game I played on Fright #11. Skip to 10:55 for my run through.

Yeah, I'm one of those people who compared this game to Phasmophobia, but that was the most recent game I've played so I did get Phasmo vibes from this. I'm not gonna lie though... the jumpscares got me!

This was the first game I played on Fright #11. Skip to 1:55.

Okay... well, I really wasn't expecting this - tbh, I didn't even read the description; I just downloaded the game and went with it. The jumpscares were INSANE and if you do try this, make sure you don't get CAUGHT... hehe. I enjoyed playing this on my 10th episode of FRIGHT! (I actually enjoyed editing it, too)

Skip to 18:05 for my playthrough.

I'm a huge fan of DDLC and this brought INSTANT nostalgia. While I was editing, I noticed on one of the "jumpscares" (not really, but it made me jump) that it said to "check the logs." I never did... BUT I encourage you to when you try it. I really enjoyed playing this on my 10th episode of FRIGHT and I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer (:

Skip to 08:51 for my playthrough.