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Thanks for ur video! we are glad u liked it.

We are working on a few things that you comment as well in your feedback . 

(And also, the game does have and end ;P )

Muchas gracias por pasarte! :D

Thanks for your feedback!

A few players has being reporting the same issue with the bars, we are currently working on it, so hope we have an update soon!

We are really glad to Achieve some laughs with the game! ;) 

Thanks for your feedback, and your nice words!

We are actually working on the bars problem already! hope we can update it soon enough. These and some problems in the rythm of gameplay are some design problems that we are trying to surpass :D

And yes, you're right,  we mainly used the Reigns franchise as main reference in order to work a bit on the Achievements theme.

Hey ! i actually was intrigued by the story!

I think you found your way to make a  really nice execution in order to tell a story, liked the game a lot!

Wow! We actually didnt know that game before doing this one! Actually, we took more reference on the Reigns franchise.

I spent some time playing it after you placed your comment, and its pretty enjoyable, and cute, too.

Glad u like it tho! :D

Oh! i see! After a bit of re-playing your game I think that I managed to get an idea of the way you make it.

  I'll look forward to future updates of your game!  :)

I enjoyed your game a lot! 

I end up being the choosen one, but i'm curious, is there really an especific combination... or its just a number of attempts... ? 

Loved that the Dragon had an especific phrase for each attribute, too!

Hey ! i liked your game a lot! ill look forward to see future upgrades! 

i get stucked once, after entering the first machine, i get out of the last room after talking with the kid, i couldnt enter the 2nd arcade, so i had to reboot the game and play it over again.

Apart from that, i'm amazed of the overall of your game, you art is dope too!


Hola! Me ha resultado interesante la idea de vuestro juego, menos mal que yo si entiendo castellano, pero probablemente haya alguna otra persona que al probarlo no lo haya entendido...

Como feedback: Me ha resultado confuso el qué hacer y cómo hacerlo durante mi partida.. tampoco me quedaba claro qué funcionamiento tenía cada una de las acciones que podía hacer a lo largo de la partida.

Aún así,  la gestion de esfuerzos a lo largo de el tiempo es muy interesante!


Really interesting game! liked it a lot!

Thanks! Glad u liked it!