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Thumbs up!

Resubmitted from last year?

Great setting and UI! Slot machine is great, but I was unsure of what combinations resulted in what payouts. Great submission!

I feel the same way with those levels

Love it! Was quite fun!

This is amazing! I love it so much. Great Job!

This is amazing! I love it so much. Great Job!

I know that most blocks are placed into the 'scene' in a specific way because they have specific uses, but I would love to see a feature where you can rotate blocks on more than just the one axis. With a little bit of creativity most blocks can be used to represent 'new blocks' if you could change the orientation that it sits. This works great with primatives that are not completely symmetrical in all dimensions. For example, being able to turn a hollow cylinder on it's side so that the openning runs horizontally rather than vertically.

I don't know if this was specifically planned against for the simplicity of the blocks aspect, but I think it would be a great improvement!