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I'm a fan! I was only confused with one thing; what was the "requirement" for attacking once revenge is available? A cooldown? Eating more? Whale speed? I couldn't place it 🤔

There is definitely something here! With a few small changes, I could see it being a fun little game worth adding to and polishing! 👍

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yeah, I had a few things in mind but didn't have the time to implement anything I really wanted to. But I think I'm going to revisit this and try to make it a bit more fun!

Thanks for playing!

I had fun with this one! I thought I was smart solving the first couple and then I hit two levels in a row where I did one of these:😬 and moved on haha.

Great job! Great choice in music, too! Very relaxing.

I love this! I could see myself playing this for a while if it was just a little more refined (sheep continue to move in the direction they're being herded for a short time after you turning away for one)

Great job with this!!

Hitboxes are a bit off from how I feel they should be. I break/fall into ice when I'm not ever technically on it 😭 and the bomb laser beams!? Maybe I do suck, as the game told me plenty of times 😂

This was super fun! a fun, small, spin on a genre i thought was done with fun spins! Great job!

I'm impressed! not only did you build a fun game, but you also had time for some decent puzzles! Good job!

Once I understood the rules a bit better the game was definitely satisfying! Great job!

there is no end! 😀 I was running out of time, so I just threw something simple in. Might hurt the gameplay, but I was trying to stay within 3 hours 😋

You CAN pop them all, but you get less points. Not that points are hard to come by in a game that never ends 😋

You'll only get points for the color/shape that has the most pieces within what was selected. The remaining pieces' points are just gone forever.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yeah! I should have had the multiplier spawn floating text! 🤔 I might have to continue this at some point and implement a bunch of things that were recommended and make it more game-like by adding a game loop other than infinite play.

You CAN but you get less points 😋

You'll only get points for the color that has the most pieces within what was selected. Also, you'd get no multiplier! 😱

Thanks for playing!

Ooo! Great idea!

Thanks for playing!

Oh no! I couldn't drag these last few! They were dragging fine at first, then I needed to pull one of a different color out of the group. I started trying to move them very fast so they would separate enough for me to grab the non-matching one out of the group, but then there seem to have froze 😓 

Great job anyway! I love the aesthetic you acheived!


I have a handful of scriptable objects that hold the sprite data (that I hand selected to be mostly unique). It starts off easy with somewhere around 30 items, then about 50, 90 and so on. Some of those scriptable objects are strictly food items, some are non-food, some are both! At the 7th round (and everything afterward because the game is endless) is all ~200 items.

I THINK it might be this one.

If so, it's buried a little. Sometimes you have to go digging 😋

Thanks so much for playing!

In this endless puzzle game, you're given a scrambled pile of items and are tasked with finding a specific one. What are you waiting for? Find That Item!

How To Play:

  • Simply left click the correct item to proceed to the next level. 
  • You can drag and drop items around the screen to sort through items that may be stacked.

No need to worry about times or scores, just take your time and relax while finding some items in this chaotic mess.

Upon submission, I realized that the shader I was using to detect sprites to have a more finite click/collision detection would not work in WebGL. Sorry for the inconvenience of having to download! I know it's not the most convenient thing.

Made in ~4 hours

Assets used:

I LOVE this! It was, honestly, so fun!🎉🎉

I can barely make assets I'm happy with given unlimited time 😂

I also like to think that the amount of stuff going on in the beginning gives you more options to choose what you want to go after. I didn't mean to make it sound like a bad thing 👌

"Project not finished."

What?! what more could it need? There's a proper gameplay loop, it's fun, gameplay is fresh. I love it!

I love when I was sure someone was speeding, and I would clock them only going ~89.5 😂 Great job!

I've never had so much fun on an unfinished submission 😂

I hope you're able to revisit this and get more going!

Cute game! Would have loved to see some time-based progression, too!

Great Job!

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Pretty fun! In the beginning it was a little overwhelming, but it balances out a lot as you start to weed out the criminals.

did, however, get to a point where crimes just stopped happening entirely. There was a single vandalism in a period of about 60 seconds. Not sure what happened there 🤔 OHHH "Active Criminals" was probably really low and there weren't many criminals to do the crimes.

Great job! And praise Asset Jesus!

I love the connection between your submission this week and last week! Awesome!

At first I wasn't a fan of reading each letter and trying to decide whether it was a good thing or a bad thing for Augustine. But, after a couple of them, I realized the icon/stamp on the paper(before opening) is consistent with the letter and if I could remember the icon/stamp used and whether or not Augustine wanted that approved or not, it got much more enjoyable.

Great job, again, you guys!

Reigns: GameJam edition

Definitely fun! Great art. I took a few different approaches while playing. First, I just spammed "Accept". It didn't get me very far, but I had a lot of money! 💰💰

I love that you're just gavel-yeeting them where they belong 😂

The cones and the driving?! I could drive around in a circle in a world full of cones for longer than I'd like to admit 😂 Fun game!

A bit difficult to decide just reading into the statement and details provided, but I got the picture. Would love to see what could be made of it, given more time 👍

Wow, am I bad at decyphering good/evil by music! I thought this would be a cakewalk, but I'm glad it wasn't! Fun game, simple and easy to pick up. Great job!

Ohhhh! Took me a couple of rounds, but I don't think I read the description correctly the first time.

Fun little game! Perfect art for it, too! 👍

10/10 would get confused at what is up and down, again

Super fun! I didn't get to the end becuase my cat was going crazy trying to find where the "ding" was coming from 😂

Only thing that could have made it better, gameplay wise, would be keybindings for Innocent and Guilty. Maybe left/right arrows?

Greaet game, I had a lot of fun with it!

Great little sandbox to play in! I hope you take it to the next level int he future and build out a game with it. Great stuff!

A very fun spin on whack-a-mole! I think the only thing that could have made this better was more of an indication of when you are shot! Great job!

I have to agree ith some of the comments, the driving took a minute to get used to. Other than that, solid, quick game! Great work!

Very cute game! Awesome that the whole family got in on it! Great work, everyone!

Great game, fun song, and a great sense of accomplishment in winning
When you turn in the opposite direction, though: 🙃

SUPER JUSTICE! Fun, polished, and hilarious! Love it!