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Mark Kelly

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This game is awesome! If you decide to update it at all, a soound effect when an item gets added into your inventory would be a welcome addition.

This looks awesome, might try it sometime!

Very fun, the mechanic is simple, and the text screen makes me think you've been looking at Reddit too much lately.

Fun game mechanic!

Yeah, this is my second jam ever, and my brother's first. We probably should have spent more time to plan things out. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway!

Really like this! Most 3D jam games feel weird and unfinished, but this looks and feels nice. Also, the music is great!

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Thanks for posting this, I'll look into it after ratings for the jam finish.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Your game was really fun, too

I love this! This is one of my favorite 3D art styles, how do you do it?

Really like it, gives me strong "Baba Is You" (which is one of my favorite games) vibes!

Really great game, I love it!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, we had issues with enemy spawning, and screen wrap didn't help

Pretty fun!

I love the idea, and it's executed pretty well, too. Great job!

Could see this becoming a great mobile game! Love the art and music!

Fun! Let's see how Mark will react to another shoot to move!

Yup, dosen't seem like the game is working.

Dosen't seem like your game is working :/

Noticed you didnt submit a game, hmm

I LOVE THIS! Seriously, this is hillarious.

You're trying to hit the moon. Took me a minute, too.

Great idea! I did find a way to easily beat almost every level. If you put one portal on the moon and one on the asteroid, you win no matter what.

The art is amazing! Good job!

Your games are all so amazing!

Awesome game, good job!

Great work, Thomas!



I'm glad you enjoyed my game!