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If you want to be eligible for judging/voting your game needs to be available for free. You can choose to sell the game after the voting period is over. Otherwise you will be disqualified.

Unfortunately you can't until the voting period is over. If we can't run it with the files provided before the submission deadline then we have to disqualify it. Sorry. :(

Disqualified for not providing a Windows download.

I can't get it to run. It looks like the UnityPlayer.dll file is missing.

Cool to see that all these tools that were custom coded for the IGMC 2017 jam are now available to all hosts. Thanks again for all the support leafo during the jam, and I hope other hosts find them useful!

Disqualified - Event involving the rope repeats forever.

Disqualified - Can't get beyond the first few maps, no clue what to do.

Disqualified - opening cutscene repeats forever.

Disqualified - Game stopping bug in storeroom, can't reach book even after pushing chair, also can't leave room.

Disqualified - Missing face graphic, game unable to continue.

Disqualified - Couldn't find quest item early on after looking in every possible spot.

Disqualified - Unfinished, music and SE doesn't work, no direction, some placeholder text.

Disqualified - Passibility error blocks progress beyond 2nd sublevel.

Disqualified - Tileset error after first boss blocks progression.

Disqualified - Missing RTP files, game can not start.

I really enjoy escape room type games and logic puzzles so this entry was a lot of fun. Are there just two endings?