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You reached the killscreen- AKA, you accomplished the goal of surviving 30 minutes and won!

I've done a quick test of the mechanics by rolling up a pitcher and having them pitch half an inning- They sucked at every pitching stat except for violence, which they had maxed out, and proceeded to pitch a shutout that left 4 injured, reducing their morale so much that every single roll became a success by the end. This was one eighteenth of a whole game, and the character I rolled didn't even have good stats, yet it was unimaginably hype. Highly recommended. 

I really like this game in concept, but I see some issues both in mechanics and presentation.

For Mechanics-

  • Momentum feels a bit odd, specifically because you don't lose horizontal speed midair. In most games, you'd expect to slow to a stop if you let go of left and right, but in this game if you want to fall straight down, you have to hold the direction opposite of the one you're already moving in.
  • Those... uh. I'm not sure what they are but those things you touch and they turn green. They don't always activate when you touch them. That, and they're almost completely abandoned  for a while once spikes become a thing.

And presentation-

  • The part with "You're going to end up a failure" could be improved if it was more gradual. If in the first level there was just one line of text, and in the next there were two more, and then in the next the whole screen was filled, it would be less abrupt.
  • When the game starts to glitch out, it seems that it ACTUALLY glitches out, with things like the ground under the respawn area being destroyed. Both times i tried to play, the game ended in a softlock(?) when the screen went back, and I assume that's not how the game is supposed to end.

If you choose to make changes, regardless if my points are any part of it, I would love to check the game out again.

Thanks for playing! The sluggishness might be because the snake is forced to move on a grid. You're supposed to hold down the direction you want the snake to go, because if you wanted to do taps you would need to perfectly time when the head is in the middle of the invisible grid. I'll see if there's something I can do to make this more clear.

Midair momentum is kinda weird here. It's hard (if not impossible) to stop moving in a direction once you start moving, and your momentum is tied to the direction you're facing. I coudn't even get up that staircase around the wall early on.